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Helpful Appointment Tips

There are a few things you can do to ensure the day and time of your appointment. One is to schedule an appointment “off season”, which is the spring and summer months.

If you make an appointment in the fall or winter seasons, make it with enough lead time that we can be there at the time and day that is most convenient to you. Please note that during this time, we can be booked up 3 weeks in advance.

On the Day of Your Chimney Service Appointment

  • 24 hours prior to the appointment, please stop using the unit and allow it to cool. It would also be great if the ashes are removed before we arrive and is considered a great courtesy that is always appreciated.
  • Please remove any valuables, especially breakable items that are within a 5 to 6 foot area around the unit to be cleaned or repaired. We will bring in a large vacuum and other tools and want to make sure this can be done quickly and safely.

How Much Time to Allow for Chimney Services

Unless there is something unusual or we have scheduled a major repair, at which time we would estimate the time, the process of sweeping and inspection should last no longer than 60 to 90 minutes.

We would love it if you watched us work. We welcome any questions you might have and look forward to meeting you.


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