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Wood & Gas Fireplace Inserts | Expert Installation & Service To Bring More Heat Into Your Home

If you’re finding it difficult and challenging to heat your home with your open masonry fireplace, maybe it’s time to look into upgrading with a powerful new fireplace insert. Gas and wood inserts will make immediate differences in how well your fireplace warms your home.

Chimney Saver Solutions of Richmond VA can help you select the perfect insert and perform a complete, professional installation.

midlothian VA gas fireplace insert

Fireplace Inserts 101

Fireplace inserts are factory built and sized to fit right into the firebox of your existing fireplace. It’s kind of like having a fireplace in a box, but the way they operate is nothing like a traditional fireplace.

Both gas and wood inserts are heavily insulated and run on a closed-combustion system, which allows the appliance to conserve a large percentage of the heat created in it and send it into your home instead of up the chimney.

When you have a new fireplace insert installed, a custom vent system will be part of the work. This venting runs up through your existing chimney and is specifically designed for optimal venting of your insert.

The Difference in Heating Performance

Fireplaces, stoves and similar appliances are given heat-efficiency ratings. These numbers tell you how much of the heat produced by the appliance can be used as heat within your home.

Most open masonry fireplaces have ratings in the 10% to 20% zone – often even less. This means that the majority of heat generated through combustion is lost up the chimney. Gas and wood fireplace inserts, on the other hand, carry heat-efficiency ratings of 70% and 80% and higher, depending on the style and specs of the model. This is a massive difference you’ll feel immediately.

gas fireplace insert install in Henrico VA


Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to bring powerful supplemental heating into your home, a gas insert is your solution.

  • Easy on/off gets fires going fast and stops them just as fast
  • Natural gas and propane are clean-burning fuels in an EPA-certified insert
  • A switch allows you to control the temperature of your fires
  • Very little cleaning and no chimney sweeping is required
wood burning insert install in Richmond VA



Wood Fireplace Inserts

While gas is an easy fuel to use in a fireplace insert, it’s hard to beat wood for a traditional look and feel. If you love heating with wood but want more warmth in your home, a wood fireplace insert will exceed your expectations.

  • The lovely aroma and stunning visuals of a real wood fire
  • Powerful heat production that far exceeds your existing masonry fireplace
  • Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel source that’s not detrimental to the environment
  • You get heat even when a winter storm crashes your power

Professional Insert Installation

Chimney Saver Solutions is ready to help you find a new insert model that perfectly meets your heating needs and aesthetic requirements. We’ll then install your gas or wood insert in a way that’s safe and complies with all manufacturer specs and local safety and building codes. We’ve got you covered from start to finish in your purchase of a great new fireplace insert.

We serve Richmond VA, Henrico VA, Midlothian VA, Mechanicsville VA, Chester VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.

Learn more about our services by calling (804) 440-5000.


S201 - Napoleon Wood Insert

The S-Series is the perfect solution for those looking for EPA 2020 certified wood-burning technology in an insert with a clean and contemporary look. Best in class features include extremely long burn times, heavy-duty firebox top, and full-width ash lip and base to protect your floor. A dual blower system comes included with the S-Series to ensure optimal comfort.


Napoleon Wood Insert sale and installation

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