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What Happens If You Delay Cleaning Your Chimney?

A good question to ask if you have a fireplace is what can happen if you go too long without cleaning your chimney. Countless homeowners through the years didn’t bother to ask, and they experienced home fires, many of them totally devastating. Because they didn’t schedule chimney cleaning, many households were exposed to carbon monoxide […] Read more

Does My Chimney Liner Affect the Masonry?

Chimney sweeps are often asked what the purpose is of chimney liners. Specifically, for example, they will ask, does my fireplace liner affect the masonry of my chimney? We will go over the chimney liner functions and answer that question in particular. The Chimney Flue Liner’s Functions The most important thing you need to know […] Read more

What Is Creosote and What Makes It Dangerous?

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it’s likely you already know what a pleasure it is to enjoy warm, crackling fires in winter. It is important to also know the answers to the questions of what is creosote and what makes it dangerous. Home safety is affected by the presence of creosote, especially with continued […] Read more

Which is Better Between a Gas & Wood Fireplace?

A terrific way to cut energy costs is with the installation of a new wood-burning or gas fireplace. It’s good to first carefully consider which is better between a gas vs wood fireplace. The best decision for you might be based on your lifestyle, your personal preferences, or something like the accessibility of a convenient […] Read more

All About Rebuilding a Chimney

If you want to know all about rebuilding a chimney for which you will foot the bill, there may be good news. The cost of chimney rebuilding can often be avoided if masonry problems are addressed quickly, but that largely applies when the problem is mortar decay. Chimneys are especially vulnerable to moisture damage, though […] Read more

How to Prevent Rusting On or Around Your Chimney

Rust stains on chimneys are unsightly but not uncommon. Many homeowners contact trusted chimney sweeps asking how to prevent rusting on or around your chimney. In Richmond VA and the surrounding area, the certified experts at Chimney Saver Solutions are the ones widely known for providing reliable professional chimney services. As a full-service chimney company, […] Read more

Chimney Leaks and How to Fix Them

A search for information about chimney leaks and how to fix them is a common online activity. It seems most people are unaware that chimneys are vulnerable to moisture and chimney sweeps are frequently contacted about help with leaky chimneys. It’s important to contact chimney professionals because pinpointing the root cause is seldom easy. The […] Read more

Why You Should Have a Chimney Cap Installed

Toxic combustion gases from fires are transported up and out of your home through the chimney flue. But plenty of things can travel down that same opening into your home, which is the basic reason why you should have a chimney cap installed immediately. If nothing is operating as a cover over the flue pipe, […] Read more

Is Venting an Unused Chimney Important?

Even when you have retired your masonry fireplace from use, yes, venting an unused chimney is important. It is vital to allow for continued airflow, and that’s not the only issue. Safety experts recommend annual inspections for retired, blocked off, and unused chimneys. Chimney exteriors are prone to damage, though problems are rarely obvious. Read […] Read more

Solving The 3 Most Common Chimney Problems

Before the weather gets cold, your chimney may face some common issues that should be resolved promptly. Neglecting these problems can result in a chimney that’s unsafe or inefficient for the next burning season. Chimney Saver Solutions of Richmond, VA, would like to share some tips on solving three of the most common problems that […] Read more

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