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Why Is Creosote So Dangerous?

Wood smoke contains a famously hazardous substance called creosote, which is deposited inside chimney flues. You may wonder, ‘Why is creosote so dangerous?’ That’s a great question, and, fortunately, we have the real down-low on creosote. You see, creosote shows up in four different forms in chimneys (not just 3, as most sources say). Each […] Read more

Ways to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

A complete winter-ready guide suggests ways to identify and seal chimney drafts. Richmond VA winters are too icy to dismiss the issue of arctic air blowing in through the fireplace. Downward drafts of cold air pose a threat greater than simply chilling up the indoor air. The toxic combustion byproducts produced by fires can also […] Read more

The Hidden Hero: How a Damper Enhances Efficiency

There is something valuable hidden in the heart of every hero. When you know how a damper enhances fireplace efficiency, you realize that your chimney has a heart! You may have never seen your damper, even if you know how it opens and closes. Yet, dampers steadily increase fireplace efficiency while reducing your energy costs. […] Read more

Solving the Mystery of Your Smelly Fireplace

Have you identified that unpleasant odors in your home are coming from the fireplace? You need a chimney detective to clear the air because a smelly fireplace is like a mystery to be solved. The chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions are qualified for sniffing out the instigator of fireplace odors. It’s seldom a simple […] Read more

How The Seasons Affect Your Chimney

Chimneys are often out of mind when cozy fires aren’t burning in the fireplace. However, it’s important to know how weather affects your chimney year-round. Chimney problems get more expensive the longer they are ignored. So, below, we provide tips for all seasons. When chimney fixes are needed, the CSIA-certified chimney pros at Chimney Saver […] Read more

Does a Gas or Wood Fireplace Better Compute With Your Lifestyle?

The decision to add a fireplace to your home may lead to a subtraction in heating costs and a multiplication of benefits. Do you need help determining whether a gas or wood fireplace better fits or “computes with” your lifestyle? Figure on finding one stark and several more subtle differences between these two types of […] Read more

The Fireplace as a Design Statement: Stylish Chimney Ideas for Modern Homes

It’s practically inevitable that a fireplace will serve as the focal point of a room, but fireplaces often become outdated. Make a design statement by modernizing your fireplace or by following a different trend. With their intrinsic charm and warmth, fireplaces aren’t just for family rooms and bedrooms anymore. Zero-clearance fireplaces are increasingly being installed […] Read more

How Animals Use Chimneys | Preventative Measures

The pleasures of a fireplace can hardly be denied, especially in blusterous winter weather. But various problems can arise, one of which could have you wondering how animals use chimneys as you seek preventative measures. Animal removal is routine for chimney professionals. The how-tos for safely removing animals and animal debris from chimneys are included […] Read more

Common Causes of Chimney Fires and How to Avoid Them

By a long shot, not everyone reports that they have had a chimney fire, yet there are more than 25,000 chimney fires reported in the U.S. annually. It’s good to know the common causes of chimney fires and how to avoid them. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, it is rare for a chimney fire to extinguish […] Read more

The Risks of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

Homeowners everywhere have had leaky chimneys. Many also learned the hard way the risks of ignoring chimney leaks. Moisture is the biggest threat to chimneys because masonry is so vulnerable to moisture intrusion. It’s good to become familiar with the symptoms of a chimney leak. Then proceed to avoid the risks of ignoring chimney leaks […] Read more

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