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Firebox Rebuilds & Restoration

Rebuilding a firebox is more common than you might think. This area of your fireplace and chimney system is one that gets a tremendous amount of heat and over time can need a bit of a facelift and some TLC to bring it back to its former glory.



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If water is allowed to drip down the walls of the firebox for periods of time, it exacerbates the brick erosion and can lead to spalling or flaking of the bricks. However, much more common are bricks that come loose in the firebox due to mortar erosion, original construction, material failure or some kind of damage from debris or accidents.

If the problem is restricted to a part of the firebox or one to two bricks, we may be able to just replace those. In most cases, we find that the damage to the firebox is such that we end up replacing and rebuilding the entire structure. We also look at the smoke chamber as well because we have great access to it and if it needs to re resurfaced, this is a great time to do so.

What’s a “Smoke Chamber”

The smoke chamber is the space above the fireplace (firebox) that is often overlooked by inexperienced technicians. This is a very important component of the fireplace system and one we inspect with every chimney sweep. The surface should be smooth and in the shape of an upside down funnel. This directs the smoke, soot and ashes out of the firebox and up the flue so it can be deposited into the atmosphere.

If the surface is scarred or cracked, then we know resurfacing will need to take place in the near future. There is no better time to do this than when we are already rebuilding the firebox.

If you see any loose bricks or indented mortar joints that you would like to have inspected for damage, please give us a call. We are the most respected full-service chimney company in Richmond and known for helping people breathe easier when it comes to their fireplaces and chimney systems.

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We can install new fireplaces or retro-fit an existing one to increase efficiency and bring it up to code. These building and restoration skills are part of our everyday work, so let us help you now.

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