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Richmond VA Gas & Wood Fireplaces | Safe Installation of Top-Name Zero-Clearance Models

If you’re struggling to get enough heat and performance out of your masonry fireplace or older factory-made fireplace, the solution may be an upgrade to a powerful, highly efficient gas fireplace or wood zero-clearance fireplace.

Zero Clearance Fireplace Installation In Chesterfield VA

Chimney Saver Solutions installs top-name ZC fireplaces throughout the Richmond area for folks who have fireplaces that simply aren’t bringing the warmth and overall quality they want in their homes. If you’re dealing with issues with your current fireplace, here’s how we can help.

The Problem with Some Fireplaces

Many homes have what are known as “builder grade” fireplaces. These are basic, no-frills units that work, but they don’t work nearly as well as the best fireplaces available from leading manufacturers. Older builder grade appliances, which were added to the home when it was built, are never considered “top of the line.”

Low heat performance is an issue faced by many homeowners using traditional masonry fireplaces. While they look nice and add charm to a room, open masonry fireplaces simply aren’t designed to be powerful heat producers. With the majority of their heat being lost up the chimney, these fireplaces are primarily aesthetic fixtures within a home.

zero clearance napoleon gas fireplace install in Short Pump VA


The Power of a New Zero-Clearance Fireplace

We do a lot of changeouts of older fireplaces and upgrades from masonry fireplaces to powerful new ZC fireplaces. Customers always are amazed at the instant difference they feel in terms of heat production.


wood burning fireplace sale & install in Henrico VA



The Safety Factor with Fireplaces

Upgrading to a new zero-clearance gas- or wood-burning fireplace makes sense not only where heat performance is concerned, it also makes sense from a safety standpoint.

Older fireplaces tend to have issues that can lead to safety risks. Broken components, worn chimney liners or vent pipes, cracks in the firebox or masonry structure – all of these can eventually lead to problems. You can keep having these appliances repaired, but at one point, you’re better off bringing in a new unit that’s in excellent shape and will give you years of top performance.

Gas & Wood Fireplace Installation

The expert technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions can help you select the perfect new gas or wood fireplace and then install it for you correctly, in a way that adheres with all local building and fire-safety codes.

Not only will you have an appliance that’s well-built and efficient, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the fireplace was installed by certified, licensed professionals who regularly engage in this work throughout the Richmond VA area.

Whether you want to upgrade an underperforming fireplace or you’re building a new home and want the best fireplace for your heating needs and decorative tastes, we have the solution. Speak with an experienced fireplace professional by calling (804) 440-5000.

Chimney Saver Solutions provides service in Richmond VA, Chesterfield VA, Short Pump VA, Bon Air VA, Henrico VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.


Majestic - Meridian Series

Instant warmth and comfort leave time for the important things in your life. Meridian series gas fireplaces come alive as flames swirl around split logs. A crisp and clean interior makes these fireplaces inviting, whether they’re burning or not.


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