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Freestanding Wood Heating Stoves | Efficient & Versatile Heat | Licensed Wood Stove Installation

Do you love heating your home with wood but aren’t thrilled with the performance you’re getting from your open masonry fireplace? If so, you’re not alone. Many Richmond homeowners are finding that a powerful new wood heating stove outperforms their fireplace while giving them all the beauty and elegance they could ever want.

Chimney Saver Solutions is committed to helping Richmond homeowners choose the ultimate new wood stove for their homes. Let us show you why these appliances continue to grow in popularity.

superior wood burning stove install in Ashland VA


Advantages of Wood Burning Stoves For Your Home

When you compare the heating performance of your masonry fireplace to that of a modern wood freestanding stove, there’s simply no comparison. Today’s stoves come with heat-efficiency ratings of 70% and higher. This rating tells you the percentage of heat produced that will actually be available to heat your room.

Most masonry fireplaces are lucky to be rated at 20% efficiency; some are closer to the 10% range. This means that the majority of heat the fireplace generates is being lost up the chimney. That’s no way to heat a home.

Wood stoves are heavily insulated and clean-burning. Stringent EPA standards ensure that the wood burned in your stove will burn cleaner and more efficiently than with any older stove models. You’ll get more out of each log you burn and enjoy hotter, longer-lasting fires.

Do Wood Stoves Have to Go Against a Wall?

This is another difference between wood stoves and any kind of fireplaces. Because stoves have a dedicated vent pipe, you don’t need to connect them with a traditional chimney system.

You can place your stove against a wall if you choose, but you can also place it virtually anywhere in your home. The vent pipe only needs a wall or ceiling. For this reason, many folks enjoy adding a new stove to their kitchens, bedrooms, workshops, dens and even bathrooms.

Elegant Designs

When you think of a wood stove, do you think of the old-fashioned, big black iron stoves you’ve seen in pictures? The kind your great-grandparents might have operated? Well, think again. Today’s wood freestanding stoves are lovely, stylish additions to any home.

You can choose from a range of gorgeous shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and design details so that the stove you bring home will instantly enhance the décor of your room. Wood stoves from top makers are not just heating units, they’re also decorative amenities.

Napoleon wood burning stove install


Wood Stove Sales & Installation

Chimney Saver Solutions is ready to help you select the perfect new wood stove that gives you the heat you need and the good looks you demand. We know stoves inside and out, and will guide you every step of the way.

We’ll then install your new appliance. When we perform stove installations, only a licensed, certified technician will do the work. This means it will be done right the first time and comply with all local fire-safety and building codes. We also install inserts!

Is it time to shop for a new wood stove? Start by calling the experts at (804) 440-5000. Chimney Saver Solutions serves Richmond VA, Mechanicsville VA, Chester VA, Powhatan VA, Ashland VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.

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