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Installation Services

Chimney chase cover installations in richmond vaChimney Saver Solutions is Richmond’s most respected full-service chimney company for a reason and one is the ability to replace and install any and all parts of the appliance. It doesn’t matter if you have a masonry or factory built fireplace, insert or stove, we can source the parts and get the repair or installation made.

Our Installs Include

We are able to work on so many different units because they are fundamentally all venting systems that have similar structures.

Our chimney sweeps and fireplace technicians are fully certified and trained to deal with these structures, what can potentially go wrong and install broken or necessary parts or entire systems including the vents and flues.

Sometimes what a new unit needs is a retrofit in order to pass local codes. Our techs are up to date when it comes to the codes as well as manufacturers specifications, so they are able to make the right decisions and install the product right the first time on every job.

chimney liner replacement in richmond va

25+ years of combined experience

We have 100’s of these installs under our belt and 25+ years of combined experience. We are comfortable guaranteeing our work and knowing that we help people breathe easier every day. Call us and discover why we’re the most respected chimney company in Richmond. Click here to schedule an appointment online!

If your home has suffered storm damage such as cracked masonry, damaged or missing caps, chase covers, or flashing, call us now so the damage doesn’t get worse! We offer comprehensive chimney, fireplace and furnace services.


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