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Get More Heat and Powerful Performance With A Prefab Wood Burning Fireplace

There’s something about wood fireplaces that people all over the Richmond area love. Maybe it’s the natural feel of using real wood to heat their homes. Or maybe it’s the stunning visuals, crackling logs and elegant aesthetics. Then there’s the fact that wood keeps on burning during any storm that causes power outages.

Whatever the reason, wood fireplaces are the top choice for many Virginia homeowners. There’s only one problem: many wood fireplaces don’t live up to expectations when it comes to heating.

Here’s why this happens and how you can solve the problem.

wood fireplace install in Ashland VA


Poor Heating Performance from Masonry Fireplaces

If you’re using an open masonry fireplace, you’ve probably noticed that you’re still needing to keep your central heat running, even when the fireplace is blazing.

The reason? Traditional masonry fireplace design allows a large percentage of the heat to be lost up the chimney instead of being used where you want it – in your home.

Because of this, many homeowners choose to upgrade to a powerful new zero-clearance wood fireplace. These units are factory-built, heavily insulated and designed to retain and send out into the room most of the heat they produce.

They’re called “zero-clearance” (“ZC”) because they can be safely installed in just about any wall in your home without concern of nearby home building materials being at risk of fire. As to heat, no masonry fireplace can compete with a properly installed ZC fireplace.

Wood ZC Fireplace Bring on the Heat

With a wood-burning zero-clearance fireplace, you get heat and lots of it. These appliances come with heat-efficiency ratings of 70% and often much higher. This number tells you how much of the heat produced by the fireplace will be available to heat your home, rather than drifting up the chimney.

Masonry fireplaces, by comparison, often are rated at 10% or 20%, meaning upwards of 80% of the heat they generate is lost through venting.

Along with superior heat production, modern ZC fireplaces are available in a range of BTU outputs – you can find the perfect model to heat both small and extra-large spaces.

Richmond VA Prefab Wood Fireplace


Don’t Forget the Beauty

If you’re into wood fires, you’ll sacrifice nothing when you move up to a new zero-clearance wood fireplace. You’ll enjoy all the robust flames, crackling logs and amazing beauty you’ve come to love in your standard masonry fireplace.

Wood fireplaces from top makers come in a variety of sizes, design styles, finishes and colors, so you’ll find it easy to bring home a model that will add an instant touch of customized elegance and be an attractive centerpiece for relaxing, entertaining and indoor living.

Wood Fireplace Installation

The Chimney Saver Solutions team can help you choose the ideal brand and model and then professionally install it for you. We’re licensed, insured and fully trained in all aspects of wood fireplace installation.

Whether you want to replace an old factory built fireplace, upgrade from a low-performing masonry fireplace or are adding the first fireplace to your new home, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

We serve Richmond VA, Ashland VA, Chesterfield VA, Short Pump VA, Bon Air VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.

Give us a call today at (804) 440-5000.

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