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Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

Sweeping and cleaning chimneys in goochand va

Homeowners in Richmond and across the nation should have their chimneys swept every year to remove dangerous creosote deposits and other debris. While families enjoy the warmth that their fireplaces and wood stoves provide, they too often ignore the chimney’s role in expelling these appliances’ byproducts—things like smoke, water vapor, tar fog, gases, unburned wood particles, hydrocarbon volatile, and various minerals. As these substances flow up the chimney, condensation occurs, leaving behind residue that’s called creosote. The appearance and form of creosote can vary greatly, looking black or brown, crusty or flaky, thick or drippy, sticky or hardened. No matter how it looks, creosote is highly flammable and can cause your chimney to catch fire and your flue to become blocked.

Gas heating appliances like furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters also need to have their chimneys inspected and cleaned to remove the acid that may be eating away at the inside of your chimney. When not regularly cleaned, the chimneys of these appliances can collect unburned carbon and sulfur, known as oil soot. Built-up oil soot can restrict the flow of the flue gases and lead to a combustion process that produces carbon monoxide.

If a chimney is not adequately vented, this tasteless, odorless, poisonous gas—that kills hundreds of people and sickens thousands more each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention—can flow back into the home.

By having a thorough sweeping and cleaning of your chimney each year, you can prevent potentially-devastating chimney fires and protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

Most of us can understandably think of lots of home improvements we’d rather have done than hiring a professional to sweep and clean our chimney. However, this is one of the most crucial steps you can take to protect your home from a devastating fire and to safeguard your family’s well-being.

Preventative maintenance is always more cost-effective than making repairs that could have been avoided. And by having your chimney cleaned, you could quite simply be saving your family’s life. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Fire Protection Association, and the American Lung Association all agree that homeowners should regularly maintain their home heating systems and chimneys to prevent “the silent killer”—carbon monoxide poisoning—from intruding.

Chimney cleaning services in bon air va“A well-tuned furnace or boiler—connected to a venting system or flue that is correctly-sized, structurally sound, clean and free of blockages—will operate efficiently and produce a warm and comfortable home. [However,] an overlooked heating system can produce death and heartbreak … Numerous agencies and organizations now recognize the importance of annual heating system inspection and maintenance in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.” — Chimney Safety Institute of America

Let Us Protect Your Family

Chimney Saver Solutions of Richmond, Virginia, is a full-service chimney and venting system service, equipped to address all of your performance, maintenance, and safety needs. Our chimney sweeps are all licensed and certified, and all chimney work is performed to local code requirements. Following guidelines set by every fire safety organization, we recommend that homeowners have their chimney cleaned once a year.

You can count on Chimney Saver Solutions to help protect your home and your loved ones by preventing a tragic house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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A thorough chimney inspection by the professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions will alert you to any potential hazards or need for repairs, so don’t wait to set up your appointment with us. You can be confident of our quality chimney, fireplace and furnace services.

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