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You love burning wood to heat your home, but you aren’t very thrilled with how well your existing open masonry fireplace performs. You like the looks of your fireplace, but you don’t like the struggle to get enough heat out of it.

The solution is simple: a new, powerful wood-burning fireplace insert.

Chimney Saver Solutions of Richmond VA can help you select the perfect new wood fireplace insert to meet your heating needs and decorative tastes. We will then professionally install your appliance in accordance with all manufacturer’s specs and any local fire-safety and building codes.

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What Is a Wood Fireplace Insert?

Wood inserts burn wood logs as fuel, just like your traditional masonry fireplace. But that’s where the comparison ends. Wood-burning inserts are powerful heat producers, thanks to a closed-combustion system that preserves heat for use within your home.

Inserts come factory made and fit into the firebox of your existing fireplace. They’re highly insulated and rely on their own custom vent system, which runs up your existing chimney.

Some Benefits of Wood Inserts

More heat: Your current masonry fireplace likely carries a heat-efficiency rating of 10% or maybe a little higher. A new wood-fueled fireplace insert will have a rating of up to 80% and sometimes even greater. This rating tells you how much of the heat produced during combustion will be available to heat your room as opposed to drifting up and out of the chimney.

Better fuel efficiency: Because wood inserts are ultra-efficient, wood burns in them more completely. Better and more efficient burns mean greater heating ability, less log waste and less expense for you.

Reduced air leakage: The dampers on traditional masonry fireplaces are in place to block the transfer of air between the inside and outside when the fireplace isn’t in use. Unfortunately, they don’t always do a great job. The glass doors of your wood fireplace insert will create a tight seal, keeping unwanted air out of your home and keeping conditioned air in it.

Lovely designs: Wood inserts come in many exciting design styles, finishes and colors to truly magnify your home’s décor and aesthetics. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which model you love the most.

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Can I Install A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Myself?

It is not recommended that untrained individuals perform fireplace insert installation. Only a certified, licensed technician should be hired for this job. Installing a new heating appliance and ensuring safe and proper venting requires skill and knowledge that the average homeowner simply doesn’t possess.

Remember also that many insurance providers will not cover fires, accidents, carbon monoxide issues and other problems caused by a heating appliance that was not installed by a recognized professional.

Chimney Saver Solutions is ready to turn your old masonry fireplace into a powerful heat center with a brand new wood-burning fireplace insert. We’ll help you select the perfect model and then install it for you safely and correctly so that it complies with all local fire and building codes. We also install Fireplaces.

We serve Richmond VA, Bon Air VA, Henrico VA, Midlothian VA, Mechanicsville VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.

Call us at (804) 440-5000 with questions or to arrange an appointment.

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