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Wood & Gas Burning Stoves For Heating Your Home - Stove Sales & Installations

There’s a reason freestanding heating stoves are gaining in popularity. They’re versatile, efficient, safe and powerful heat producers that bring not only warmth but also fantastic good looks to any home.

Chimney Saver Solutions can help you find the perfect stove and perform safe and thorough installation. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing a new heating stove, here are some things you’ll want to know.

gas burning stove install in Chester VA

Gas or Wood Fuel

Modern heating stoves are designed to run on either gas or wood. Whatever your choice of fuel, there’s a stove that’s just right for your Richmond home.

Wood stoves provide the natural ambiance of real wood fires complete with the crackling and popping that so many people love.

Gas stoves offer convenient operation – a switch or a remote gets your fire going and extinguishes it immediately. Gas is clean-burning, and these stoves require very little cleaning and maintenance.

gas stove for sale in Powhatan VA


Placement Versatility

Where do you want to place your new stove? Against a wall? In the middle of a room? In smaller rooms like the kitchen or a bedroom? Placement is simple and versatile with today’s gas and wood heating stoves.

Your stove is vented through a pipe that can run either through a nearby wall or through the ceiling. That’s the only installation requirement: as long as there’s a place to secure the vent pipe, you’re good to go.

Zone Heating Options

Because freestanding stoves can be installed just about anywhere in a home, you have the great option of adding one to the kitchen, bedrooms, workshop, den and even the bathroom for easy zone heating.

This arrangement helps you cut down on your central heat usage and lower that monthly bill. Stoves available today come with a range of BTU outputs and square-foot coverages, making it easy to find the perfect appliance for spaces of all sizes.

And remember, with the variety of elegant design styles, finishes and colors available, your new stove will bring a distinct elegant touch to any room or area.

Stove Safety & Performance

Stoves on the market today all comply with very strict EPA emissions regulations, which means cleaner and more efficient operation that heating stoves made even 10 years ago.

Stove manufacturers are constantly improving heating technology to make their stoves work better, last longer and maintain a higher level of safety. When installed and vented by a licensed professional, your new gas or wood stove should give you many years of hassle-free performance.

wood burning stove installation in richmondva


Heating Stove Installation

Chimney Saver Solutions can help you select the perfect stove to bring powerful supplemental heating to your Richmond home. Whether you prefer a gas-burning or wood-burning model, we’ll make sure it meets your square-footage requirements, your specific heating needs and your desire for a fabulous-looking addition to your home.

Our licensed, certified stove technicians will then install your new stove in your chosen spot, making sure to adhere to all local fire-safety and building codes. When we finish the job, you’ll know it’s been done right and in a way that ensures outstanding performance.

If it’s time to look into all the benefits that a new gas or wood heating stove can bring to your home, call one of our expert technicians at (804) 440-5000.

We proudly serve Richmond VA, Chester VA, Powhatan VA, Ashland VA, Chesterfield VA and other communities including the entire Downtown Richmond area, The Fan District, The Museum District, Scott’s Addition and more.


S20 - Napoleon Wood Burning Stove

The Napoleon S20 Wood Burning Stove is clean and contemporary looking and features EPA 2020 certified wood-burning technology. Extremely long burn times ensure you can watch the fire for pleasure instead of babysitting the fire for reloading.


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