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Ashland, VA Chimney Repairs

Awesome chimney repairs in ashland vaFrom minor chimney repairs, repointing and chimney crown repairs and replacement to complete chimney rebuilding, Chimney Saver Solutions is your one-stop source for all chimney repairs throughout Ashland VA and surrounding cities

Many homeowners who live in older homes have beautiful chimneys that are in need of repair. And unfortunately, integrity issues render some of them unsafe for use. As the chimney ages, it can deteriorate with exposure to environmental conditions such as water damage, obstructions and the repeated freezing and thawing year after year. Over time softened bricks and mortar will lead to small cracks in the chimney.

Without repointing, larger cracks will develop and cracked or spalled bricks may even fall off the chimney. Also, a cracked chimney crown can hasten the deterioration process by allowing water to penetrate inside the chimney. Regardless of what state of repair (or disrepair) your chimney may be in, our highly skilled and certified chimney specialists will provide the repairs your chimney needs so your family can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fireplace or wood stove in colder weather.

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Saver Solutions is the leading provider of affordable chimney cleaning and inspections for homeowners throughout Ashland VA, Hanover County and nearby communities.

the best chimney sweeps in ashland va

An annual chimney sweep is an important part of regular home maintenance that helps protect your Ashland VA home and family from smoke, fumes, fire and other potentially dangerous hazards. Where there is fire there is smoke. That means soot and if you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove that means creosote too. While both are natural by-products of combustion, creosote can be particularly dangerous. This dark, tarry and flammable substance clings to the flue and walls inside the chimney.

Without regular chimney cleanings it continues to accumulate increasing the risk of a fire inside the chimney. That’s why our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps perform a thorough cleaning and inspection of the chimney from top to bottom including the chimney liner and chimney cap.

The chimney cap helps prevent small animals and other debris from clogging the chimney and preventing smoke and fumes from escaping your home. It is also important in helping to steer the damaging affects of water away from the chimney. Checking the chimney cap for damages and clearing any obstructions is a vital part of our chimney sweep.   We also inspect the chimney liner and masonry for cracks, leaks and other issues to make sure that water, smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide gas isn’t leaking into your home.

Fireplace and Stove Installation

Want to reduce your home heating costs during the winter? Chimney Saver Solutions has a large inventory of high quality energy efficient fireplaces and fireplace inserts plus freestanding gas and wood stove installation from the brands you trust. These modern heating appliances use up to one-third less fuel than older models. With so many decorative styles, sizes and designs to choose from you will want one for every room in your home. And best of all, professional installation with proper venting is included with every fireplace and stove purchase throughout the Ashland VA area. 


chimney repair in ashland va

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