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Why You Need Chimney Inspectors to Take a Look Before You Close on a New Home

While most home buyers know to have a home inspection before closing on a property, they may not know it is just as essential to have a chimney inspector look at the fireplace and chimney before closing on the property purchase. Not getting a chimney inspection when buying a home can be a costly mistake.

Professional Chimney Inspectors in Chesterfield, VAChimney Inspections for Home Buyers

There is a difference between a home inspection and a chimney inspection. During a home inspection, a home inspector conducts a visual review of the major home systems like the roof, plumbing, and foundation, for example. However, they usually don’t have the training, tools, and expertise of a chimney inspector who is certified to conduct an in-depth assessment of the chimney, fireplace, internal components, and connections. Without a chimney inspection, hidden dangers like creosote, flue liner cracks, spalling bricks, and other potential safety hazards may go unnoticed, leading to more expensive repairs after moving into your new home.


If your new home has a fireplace or heating stove and you’ve never used one before, a certified chimney inspector will provide you with safety tips for operating and maintaining your heating appliance.

Level 2 Real Estate Chimney Inspection

The National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA) highly recommends having a certified chimney inspector conduct a Level 2 chimney inspection before the sale or transfer of real property. A level 2 inspection includes a visual assessment of the chimney system’s accessible areas and structure, including any attached heating appliances such as a fireplace or heating stove, and its connections. The chimney inspector will also conduct a video scan of the flue liner to look for any cracks or abnormalities that will require its repair or replacement. Without a video scan, hairline cracks in the flue not visible to an unaided eye may escape detection, increasing the risk of a fire or exposure to toxic fumes. The chimney inspector will also look for excessive creosote, signs of a previous chimney fire, flue obstructions, and other damages that will need repair for the fireplace to operate safely.

Certified Chimney Inspectors In Mechanicsville, VAChimney Inspection Report

The chimney inspector will provide the home buyer with a detailed inspection report, including photos, and any issues that were found, and the corrective measures that will need to be taken. The report will also include the estimated cost or any repairs or replacement of any damage or defects that were observed during the inspection. The home buyer can use this information to negotiate with the seller to make the necessary repairs.

After You Move into Your Home

After you move into your new home, its essential that you continue to care and maintain your fireplace and chimney. The Chimney Safety Institute of America and national fire safety experts encourage homeowners to inspect and clean their chimney and fireplace annually.

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