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Benefits of Installing a Gas Log Set

Making one good decision about your fireplace can result in long-term satisfaction. That’s how countless homeowners feel, all the folks who would recommend getting in on the benefits of installing a gas log set in your fireplace. Masonry wood-burning fireplaces are beloved for the charming ambiance they create and more. However, various issues can make wood-burning undesirable or impractical. If you have a wood-burning fireplace that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle or philosophies, you are not alone. A gas log set can be retrofitted into your existing fireplace, and it is an excellent source of heat. Details follow.

Going Clean and Green

The fuel used for gas log sets is clean-burning. Choosing gas log set installation for your fireplace is a way to lower emissions as compared to other heating options. By using gas logs, you  reduce air pollutants such as fine particulate matter and contribute to the betterment of human health. Natural gas is a fossil fuel but energy consumption is low.

Opting for High Heating Efficiency

The heating efficiency of gas fireplaces is difficult to top. High-efficiency direct-vent gas fireplaces are up to 86% energy efficient. Gas fires in flueless appliances are 100% efficient. For a gas log set that burns three times hotter than natural gas, go with LP gas.

Trimming the Heating Budget

You can enjoy lower heating costs in winter after installing a gas log set in your fireplace. Zone heating can help cut utility expenses even more. And when you have gas heating appliances, zone heating is perfect. First, install gas log fireplaces throughout your home. Then turn off central heating and heat only the room you are in–gas log fireplaces provide plenty of heat to make this strategy work. One downside is that the upfront costs of gas fireplace installation can be expensive, especially if gas isn’t already piped into your home.

Enhancing Safety

Gas fireplaces are safer than burning wood because several dangers are eliminated when you use gas. First, gas-fueled fires do not produce the highly flammable, tar-like creosote that increases the risk of chimney fires. Secondly, fires in gas fireplaces stay nicely contained. The logs in wood fires, on the other hand, can roll out of the fireplace. In addition, components of logs can pop into a room and start a house fire. Thirdly, gas fireplaces are generally less likely than wood-burning fireplaces to expose a home’s occupants to potentially deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

Making Time for More Important Things

The most dramatic difference between burning wood logs and using a gas log fireplace is the level of convenience or lack of it. Numerous steps are involved with gathering, cutting, and preparing wood for fires. Some of these steps involve heavy lifting. Some have the risk of being injured, whether by an ax or a chainsaw. None of these hassles or hazards come into play when you have a gas fireplace. Turn it on using a remote control or an effortless thermostat adjustment. Just think of all the things you could do with your time by installing a gas log set that offers pure convenience!

Chimney Saver Solutions

Visit Chimney Saver Solutions to see our large selection of gas log sets for your fireplace. There are many remarkably realistic gas logs to choose from. Experience for yourself the calming benefits of installing a gas log set in your fireplace.

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