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Benefits of Brick Staining

Bricks are preferred building materials for homes, but they are affected by weather and age. If your home exterior needs a do-over, consider the benefits of brick staining. Painting bricks is a less expensive option, but exterior paint isn’t as durable as brick staining. Details follow on the advantages of brick staining.

Chimney Brick Staining in Mechanicsville VAWhat is a Brick Stain?

Brick stain is a staining solution that deeply penetrates the brick while allowing breathability. Grays, charcoal colors, and muted blacks are popular colors trending for brick staining. Brown and white palettes are the better choices if you want a lighter exterior.
Two basic types of brick stain are available, those being water-based brick stain and brick stain with premixed sealant. Water-based brick stain is easier to use and it’s more popular because it allows breathability. Brick stain with premixed sealant is a waterproof seal. It is better suited for use on old bricks, which have more breathability than newer bricks.

List of Benefits of Brick Staining

Stain is a different type of material than paint, and it is recommended for your brick exterior. The following lists the benefits of brick staining:

  • Longevity. Staining bricks lasts for the life of the bricks. It becomes part of the brick and won’t peel off as paint does.
  • Superior materials. Higher-end materials are used for brick staining, which means you are guaranteed lasting results.
  • Seals the bricks. Brick stain provides a breathable sealant to the bricks. Unlike paint, there is no blistering or bubbling.
  • Color options. Brick staining options are varied, which include the color of the stain and whether to go semi-transparent, which subtly illuminates the bricks.

Why Brick Staining is Better than Painting Brick

Painting brick is less expensive and easier to do than staining, but this is a case of getting what you pay for.

  • Paint is not as durable as brick staining.
  • Brick staining looks better than painted bricks
  • Paint will peel over time, whereas staining won’t.
  • Harsh weather conditions have more of a negative effect on the appearance of painted brick.

General How-To’s of Brick Staining

As with paint jobs, prep work is an important part of brick staining and pros can get the job done right. Steps for brick staining:

  • Grout calking is used to fix grout areas.
  • Brick replacement may be needed, and a qualified brick mason is the type of professional needed for the work.
  • Spraying is only recommended when certain parameters exist as far as the distance from nearby homes.
  • Rolls, brushes, and a sprayer are preferred tools, though there must be great caution to ensure that overspray doesn’t damage cars or other structures.

Tuckpointing and Brick repair and replacement in Ashland VAContact Chimney Pros in Richmond VA for Brick Staining

You can count on maximizing the benefits of brick staining if you contact Chimney Saver Solutions to stain your bricks. Among our team of CSIA-certified chimney sweeps we have qualified brick masons.

The high-quality nature of our comprehensive chimney services has won us the loyalty of satisfied customers throughout the Richmond VA area.

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