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The Best Time to Schedule Chimney Repairs

It’s springtime, so why is now the best time for masonry repairs? Harsh winter weather may have caused damage, but can’t it wait? It turns out that masonry repairs are a bit tricky. The mild weather of spring provides the best conditions for masonry work that, otherwise, may not set correctly. Also, if you discover that the chimney repairs are needed before winter, you give yourself time to get everything done.

repair damaged chimney mortar, ashland va

Tuckpointing or a Masonry Rebuild?

Among the developments that may have occurred in winter is that the mortar in your chimney is deteriorating. If it is cracked and flaking off, you can save money with a procedure called “tuckpointing.” That is, if no water has entered the masonry system yet because of a mortar issue, you can save money. With tuckpointing, old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is applied that gives the chimney a like-new appearance and structural strength.

If, however, the condition of the mortar is ignored, water will doubtless get into the masonry system. Each brick affected by water intrusion needs to be replaced. A partial or complete masonry rebuild is necessary when water gets in. That’s a completely different price point from tuckpointing, and it’s timing that makes the difference.

The Weather is Perfect, Technically Speaking

Mild weather conditions are ideal for repairing masonry. That’s really the best reason not to put off repairs for later. Now is the best time for masonry repairs because mortar sets in dry, warm weather. Avoiding the work in winter is important because the mortar won’t set properly. It’s more expensive in winter, as well, because special measures are taken to produce a good environment for repairs to be made.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Winter Jam

Many people love winter for one reason: They can cozy up to a warm fire in the fireplace. If sitting in the glow of dancing flames is your winter jam, getting the fireplace and chimney ready is priority number one! The first chance for a fire, due to cold weather, is usually in the fall. Because the chimney may not be safe or functional since last winter, a chimney inspection is needed. Then, if chimney damage is found, repairs will take more time. 

Don’t miss out on your winter passion! Now is the best time for masonry repairs.Repairing masonry chimney in Fan district VA

Now is the Best Time to Get Chimney Repairs in Richmond VA

Our experienced, CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions are trusted by homeowners throughout the Richmond VA area. There is one more reason why now is the best time to get chimney repairs. Fact is, most homeowners put off chimney repairs until fall. There is quite a rush for our services when fireplace weather is just around the corner. 

Right now, even though we try to spread the word, the best time for chimney repair is our slowest season. Chimneys are surprisingly vulnerable to moisture damage. Right now, your chimney may have missing mortar, cracked masonry, rusted flashing, or a damaged chimney crown. The chimney may be obstructed, or you may need a chimney liner replacement. Call us at 804-440-5000 or fill out our online form today to schedule an appointment.

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