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Brick Chimneys – Durable and Attractive

Gingerbread houses come with brick chimneys; nothing else has the same fairy tale decorative charm. Brick chimneys are what we think of as children when we draw those lopsided rectangles on our houses. Somehow, the homes we own as adults are not quite complete without a warm fireplace sending smoke into the night from a tall brick chimney. Lucky for homeowners who value this look, brick chimneys can also last a lifetime.

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Focus On What Matters

 Never mind that bricks offer homeowner’s greater durability and improved protection…it is their classic looks that matter to many. It is important to know that bricks are fired at such high temperatures that they are already proven to withstand anything a fireplace can throw at them. For the same reason, their colors do not fade, preserving those storied good looks for a lifetime.

Brick chimneys can withstand a great deal of heat, but like all chimneys, are vulnerable to water. Water penetration risk can be lessened with a chimney cap — which will also help keep animals and birds from taking up residence in your chimney. Exposure to the elements can cause mortar to crumble over time, which may require repointing. You will probably have to have a professional evaluation of your flue liner and a check for creosote. You may even decide to install an insert inside your masonry chimney to further improve efficiency. Annual inspections are a must and your certified sweep can alert you to potential problems before they become much more expensive or before those problems become safety issues.

The end result, however, is the brick chimney of your dreams, built by a professional mason who has constructed your ideal fireplace. A professional installation ensure the fireplace is built properly. Continue with safe plan of action and have the fireplace inspected once a year to ensure that it continues to be safe to operate.

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