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Identify the Cause of Chimney Discoloration

Chimneys are a lot needier than many people realize. For instance, it’s important to identify the cause of chimney discoloration because something is definitely wrong. Judging by the color of the staining, chimney experts can usually tell what is going on up there. In every case, chimney maintenance or repair is needed when chimney stains are evident. In Richmond VA and the surrounding areas, the pros at Chimney Saver Solutions are the ones to call if, for example, your chimney shows signs of being blue.

white stains on chimney in Chesterfield VAWhite Stains

The most common chimney stain color is white. When water gets into bricks, a process called “efflorescence” ultimately occurs and causes white stains–if, that is, salt is a mineral contained in the masonry. The salt inside bricks travels through the masonry and is finally deposited on the brick face. Every brick containing water is gradually destroyed during the freezing and thawing cycles of winter. They must be removed and replaced. So, if you ignore white staining on the chimney, your chimney could start leaning, resulting in a potential chimney collapse.

Blue, Green, and Sometimes Black Stains

If chimney stains are blueish or green in appearance, the staining is caused by mold or algae growth. Rarely, black stains are also indications that moisture in the chimney system has resulted in the growth of these undesirable fungi. Moisture is a chimney’s number one enemy for many reasons, and mold growth is just one of them. Wherever moisture infiltration has occurred, it needs to be corrected. 

Tuckpointing is a procedure by which old mortar is removed and replaced with fresh mortar. This is a cost-saving method for eliminating water leaks. However, the chimney crown and several other chimney components could be the cause of moisture problems such as algae and mold growth. Qualified chimney sweeps can make the correct diagnosis.

Black and Brown Stains

If black or brownish-black stains are evident at the top of your chimney, it means that the sooty creosote buildup inside the flue liner is copious. Chimney cleaning should be scheduled before using the fireplace again. Each year dirty chimneys cause hundreds of dangerous home fires. You can also be exposed to toxic combustion fumes if chimney cleaning is needed. 

rusting chimney components in Fan district VARust-like Red or Brownish Stains

Diagnosing rust-like red or brown chimney stains doesn’t require a professional consultation. These chimney discolorations are caused by the rusting of metal chimney components. Whether you have a chimney cap or a chimney chase top at the top of your chimney, it could rust. Chimney flashing can also cause rust stains on your chimney and roof. A good solution for this problem is to invest in stainless steel chimney parts, which are rust resistant. Chimney sweeps are the appropriate experts to call when you see rust or stains of any color on your chimney.

Why Else Might a Chimney Need Attention? 

The certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions are the perfect ones to call if your chimney shows signs of being blue, etc.

Professional help is also necessary when chimneys become toxic or show signs of possible collapse, as described above. Help is necessary for many reasons, when it comes to chimneys. They may need a chimney inspection, masonry repair, chimney liner replacement, and they could even require help for being obviously cracked. 

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