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Do You Have a Chimney Cap

Your Chimney’s Best Friend: A Chimney Cap

img_0133webWhen going about improving your living space one considers style and functionality. Today, upgrading your home goes farther than choosing the right furniture. It’s time to take a look at one of the most neglected, yet very helpful structures of the house – the chimney. It is one feature that needs just as much attention as any part of the house. One of the ways to maintain it is by using a chimney cap.

A chimney cap or cowl is an essential safety feature for buildings with chimneys. It keeps fire and sparks in, while keeping wind, water, and small animals out. Although the likelihood of a spark from your fireplace to reach the end of your chimney is moderate, it is always better to be safe than sorry. One tiny spark is enough to set your roof, or other surrounding materials, on fire.

The chimney cap works both ways. The next important characteristic is the ability to prevent weather strains like rain and snow from getting in. This can damage your chimney because over time, water can seep into the stonework. Even chimneys made of metal can suffer because of rust and corrosion.

Another thing chimney caps can keep out is small animals. Birds, squirrels and raccoons all think that your chimney can be a comfy little niche to live in. However, it can be harmful to them and to your family as well. The nests and materials they use for making their “home” comfortable can block the flow of smoke out your chimney and this will result in downdrafting – when smoke, that is supposed to go up and out, stays in your house. This is the same incident experienced during windy days when smoke is pushed back inside. A chimney cap does the trick to keep it flowing out. Also, we can never tell when a particular animal is carrying a disease that might infect us through their droppings.

The chimney cap can also be a decorative feature to your house. Chimney caps or chimney cowls now come in a great array of variety. Available in the market are chimney caps made of copper and stainless steel, chimney caps that are removable or permanent, and chimney caps for multiple flues. These are all made creatively as not to be an eye-sore for your home.

The next time you think about home improvement, consider your chimney. It also needs the right amount of care as any piece of furniture. Try out a chimney cap. It could be your chimney’s best friend.


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