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Having a Chimney Damper

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Chimney and fireplace users know the importance of keeping your annual inspection and sweep under control. If your inspection comes back with something that is not working as it is supposed to, you should get that part fixed immediately. Dampers are one part of your chimney that you shouldn’t leave to function inadequately. If you ever experience these problems or just have general chimney related questions, call Chimney Saver Solutions to talk to a professional technician.

What is a chimney damper?

A damper is a metal spring door that is installed to prevent heat and air from being released when your fireplace is not in use, usually accessible to the homeowner by a metal chain. Some chimney dampers will not open or close all the way if they have water damage or creosote buildup.

Types of dampers

There are two types of dampers that you can have installed: throat dampers and top-sealing dampers. Throat dampers are located inside of the chimney above the firebox and use a metal plate as a seal. These types of dampers aren’t designed to seal as tightly and can also rust or corrode, making them slide off track if they come in to contact with too much water. Often times if these are installed in a chimney, homeowners will install a top-sealing damper instead of replacing their current throat type.

Top-sealing dampers are completely different. These types of dampers are located at the top of the flue. Of the choices, the top-sealing dampers have been known to provide more energy savings and seal out down drafts, animals, and rough weather. This is because they are made differently, including a rubber gasket instead of a standard metal plate. In some cases these dampers have been known to be 90 percent more efficient than the standard throat damper. Also since they seal out animals, they seal out all of their droppings and nests that could potentially be a fire hazard to you and your family’s home. These also deteriorate much more slowly because they are designed to seal out anything that could be harmful to the structure.


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