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The Fireplace as a Design Statement: Stylish Chimney Ideas for Modern Homes

It’s practically inevitable that a fireplace will serve as the focal point of a room, but fireplaces often become outdated. Make a design statement by modernizing your fireplace or by following a different trend. With their intrinsic charm and warmth, fireplaces aren’t just for family rooms and bedrooms anymore. Zero-clearance fireplaces are increasingly being installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and home offices. The chimney professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions can help with these many options because of their expertise in fireplace installations and chimney masonry rebuilds. Read on for inspiration on updating your home with modern fireplace and chimney designs.

gas and wood fireplace inserts in Richmond VAGas and Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

If you choose to install a gas or wood-burning fireplace insert in your current fireplace, you get some major benefits. First, you can choose a fireplace insert in one of many lovely styles. Secondly, you can reap big rewards from the increased efficiency that you get with a fireplace insert.

Traditional masonry fireplaces are inefficient because 90% or more of the heat they produce goes up the chimney. Rarely do they provide enough heat to offset heating costs to any extent. Meanwhile, a gas or wood-burning fireplace insert can convert your fireplace into a bona fide heating appliance with an efficiency rating of 70% to 85%.

Magnify the beauty of your décor with a wood or gas insert and get another benefit. Because of the seal created with the glass doors, your appliance will be truly airtight. This helps you save money on heating costs as unwanted air can’t get in and air-conditioned air won’t leak out.

Fireplace Renovations

The installation of a fireplace insert is just one of the new technologies and installation techniques available today that allow for the retrofitting or updating of fireplaces. Factory-built units can be replaced, and wood-burning fireplaces can be converted to convenient gas-fueled fireplaces. Heating stoves can be installed in the renovation of a fireplace, as well. Mantel and chimney surround upgrades provide even more fashionable options.

fireplace installations in Mechanicsville VAZero-Clearance Fireplaces

In homes everywhere, ZC fireplaces (aka zero-clearance fireplaces) have been making appearances in many different rooms. These units can safely be installed very near walls, flooring, wiring, and many other materials you may have in your home. These heavily insulated fireplaces are pre-built and ready for installation in an outside wall of your home. There are many finishes, sizes, and design styles available. 

Contact the Chimney Experts

The CSIA-certified chimney technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions can help you make a design statement with stylish chimney ideas for modernizing your home. The services we provide include the installation of new or retrofitted heating appliances and masonry work when needed. If you aren’t sure what you want, call us for a consultation. We can fill you in on the possibilities for fireplace upgrades and installations in your home.

Contact us today for help making your fireplaces more stylish and efficient than ever. Call 804-440-5000 or fill out our online form.

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