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Chimney Is Suffering From Winter Damage

Once winter is over, one of the best things to do as far as home maintenance is to check your chimney for damage. Harsh winter weather is common in Richmond VA, but it is not always obvious when chimney damage has occurred. You will save money in the long run if you have your chimney inspected so that any needed repairs can be made without delay. In the event there is a chimney leak, cracked masonry, flashing damage, a missing chimney cap or chimney chase cover, or other problems, you can be sure to have them repaired before cold weather comes back around. The sooner repairs are made, the less extensive the damage will be.

The Biggest Chimney Threat in Winter

Chimney Masonry Repair in Short Pump, VAMoisture is a huge problem for chimney systems and it is partly because of the absorbent nature of bricks and partly because of what happens to bricks if moisture has penetrated the masonry system. If, for instance, the mortar between the bricks has deteriorated on your exterior chimney, there is a much greater risk of moisture infiltrating the system.

Once freezing and thawing cycles of winter begin, any water within the bricks expands and contracts. The movement causes the bricks to deteriorate, and spalling is a sign that it has occurred. Spalling is when the face of the brick pops and flakes off. If you ever see piles of broken masonry around your chimney on the roof, it’s a sign of spalling. Chimney repairs are needed!

White chimney stains on a chimney also provide a clear signal that moisture has infiltrated your masonry system. The discoloration is known as “efflorescence.” It occurs when these conditions exist:

  • There is water in the masonry and
  • The masonry contains water-soluble salts as well as
  • A path for the salts to migrate to the brick face.

The salts are deposited onto the brick surface, and then they crystalize.

What Happens if Chimney Repairs Are Not Made?

Chimney Inspections In Henrico, VAChimneys are in the category of things that can easily be out of mind because they are largely out of sight. Unfortunately, forgetting about chimney care often results in acceleration of masonry deterioration. Your chimney will eventually start

 Chimney Inspection in Spring

Spring is the best time to find out whether or not winter was rough on your chimney. If a lot of messy goop known as creosote was deposited in your chimney as a result of winter fires, it is best to have your chimney cleaned before the weather gets too hot. A dirty chimney can release odors. A very dirty chimney can create blockage and result in toxic gases entering your home, if cleaning isn’t done before the coming winter.


Scheduling for a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, masonry repairs, and chimney maintenance is better in spring because it is considered the “offseason.” The most trusted chimney sweeps in your area are more difficult to schedule at a

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