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Issues That Occur With A Faulty Chimney

Chimneys are prone to suffer damage for many reasons, and a faulty chimney can be both dangerous and expensive. No doubt, one of the reasons fire safety experts strongly recommend annual chimney inspections is to avoid fires and other risky situations commonly associated with chimneys. With regular maintenance, the following costly and/or expensive issues can largely be avoided, if not entirely. Read on to learn about several common issues caused by faulty chimneys.

Effects of Leaky Flashing

Many roofers are as familiar with the problem of leaky chimney flashing as your favorite local chimney sweep. When flashing is leaky, one potential result is that moisture will begin to run inside the seams of the roof. Particularly during heavy rains, extensive damage can occur. Entire roof structures have been damaged because of leaky flashing. Moisture can also enter into the chimney masonry due to faulty flashing, which begins a destructive process resulting in the need for a chimney masonry rebuild.chimney repair, richmond VA

Dangers of a Damaged Flue Liner

Anytime a flue liner is damaged, the home and family are put at risk by using the heating appliance. It is essential to either repair or replace a damaged flue liner because of the following hazards caused by damage that’s even as small as a tiny crack:

  • Toxic fumes can enter the living space of the home due to a breach in the liner. Carbon monoxide is among the gases released inside chimneys. Known as the Silent Killer, carbon monoxide fumes are odorless, tasteless, invisible, and symptomless. Unless there is a functional carbon monoxide detector in the home, occupants exposed to carbon monoxide fumes are often unable to escape.
  • When the flue liner is damaged, combustibles within the home are exposed to extreme temperatures. A process known as pyrolysis occurs, in which the temperature is lowered for the combustible materials to ignite. Ultimately, the result can be a sudden out-of-control, life-threatening house fire.

Hazards of a Blocked Chimney

Thousands of home fires occur every year as a result of chimney blockage. Obstructions in the chimney can be caused by the following as well as other potential circumstances:

  • An excess buildup of creosote
  • Debris such as leaves and twigs
  • Animal nests
  • Chimney deterioration

If the material causing a chimney obstruction is combustible, it can start a chimney fire, which can be extremely hazardous. For instance, creosote is highly flammable. Any creosote in the chimney can continually feed a fire that ignites inside the flue, which can destroy the chimney liner and result in a blaze that enters the home.

Damage Resulting from a Cracked Crown

The exterior components of a chimney are vulnerable to moisture. In fact, moisture is known as the number one enemy of chimneys. The chimney crown, which is the white part of the chimney at the very top, is a component of the chimney that easily becomes cracked and damaged. When moisture can get between the flue and the chimney exterior because of a cracked crown, the result is that moisture gets into the masonry. Once that happens, deterioration begins and the only remedy is to replace the bricks. Experienced chimney sweeps can provide partial and complete chimney masonry rebuilds.

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