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Chimney Parts Replacement

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Chimneys and fireplaces always go together; one can never function well without the other. They can stay that way for decades so long as they are properly maintained. The structure is kept intact by replacing parts that are beyond repair. And Chimney Saver Solutions is just the right company for the job. We have the best CSIA licensed chimney sweeps in town who are more than willing to fix damages and replace parts in your chimney. Our quality service is a testament to over twenty-five years of experience.

Chimneys and Fireplaces: Standing the Test of Time

In the 1950’s, there were only masonry fireplaces built that are undoubtedly sturdy and are even used today. In modern times, there came factory-built fireplaces, pellet stoves, wood stoves and gas fireplaces. People say that although these products are a little bit pricey, the convenience and ease of use they get out of them is worth every penny.

Masonry-built fireplaces still stand until today because the parts that were damaged or broken were always carefully and properly replaced or repaired. The same goes with modern fireplaces of today. This is where we come in – the specialists of Chimney Saver Solutions.

Replacing Chimney Parts for a Longer-lasting Chimney

When talking about replacing parts, it can just be one or two and sometimes the whole structure needs to be fixed. This is because of the constant change in the weather and moisture. These are two things that we cannot control and are both very influential to the functionality and longevity of your furnace. It’s important to fix the damage and replace parts that need to be replaced to prolong the life of your chimney and for it to function properly. Here are some of the commonly replaced parts.

Flue Liners

The flue liner is part of the inside of your chimney where the chimney draft process takes place. This process entails the passage of the smelly, dirty smoke making its way to the outside, giving it no chance to enter the living room. The flue liner also prevents heat and corrosion from taking place inside the chimney. It can come in stainless steel, clay or metal. This part is vital for the chimney to properly function because of its ability to control the air and bring it to the outside.

Once this is unlined or there is a crack, the flue liner needs to be replaced with a new one so that accidental chimney fires will be prevented, as well as keeping unwanted and unhealthy smoke from entering the home.

Refractory Panels

Refractory Panels are also common for replacements. This part is responsible for directing heat to the fireplace opening, balancing the temperature in the firebox. But sometimes if we use too much wood or add too much gas to the combustion, the extreme temperature could damage the interior of the fireplace which will result to cracks in the panel thus the need for a replacement.

Chimney Chase Covers

The chase covers are needed to cover the top of your brick chimney. It makes sure that snow, rain and not even the smallest critters can enter. Sometimes the weather can be very bad especially during winter where the temperatures can go below zero already. This can cause the chase covers to rust and may need to be replaced. You want to make sure that your chase cover is still in good shape and is still doing its job to protect the chimney.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are very important for chimneys. It is located at the top most portion of your chimney and protects the inside of your chimney, making sure that nothing can enter it, not even water. But like anything else, they can only do so much; there will eventually be rusting, cracks and damage to the chimney cap that’s why they need to be replaced.

How will I know if there’s already a need for replacement?

You will know if there is already a need for replacements if any of these happens:

  • Stinky Fireplace
  • Smoke inside the home
  • Sudden fires in the chimney or on the roof

If any of these happens, then there’s definitely something wrong with your chimney that needs immediate attention. This is the reason why we do annual inspections and chimney sweeping; to make sure that your fireplace and chimney is functioning properly. We are just one call away from solving all your chimney problems.

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