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The Importance of Chimney Relining

Inside your chimney stands one of its most crucial components: The chimney liner. The chimney liner does the bulk of the work for the chimney. It contains the heat, flames, and smoke from your fires. This protects the surrounding home structure from damage. A chimney liner prevents carbon monoxide from leaking out of your chimney into your home. In addition, should a chimney fire ignite, your chimney liner also can contain it. It also helps protect your home from a dangerous chimney fire. This is why chimney relining, should you need it, is important.

There are reasons that you might need to reline your chimney. Consequently, chimney liners can become cracked or damaged from water or extreme heat of your fireplace. If a new fireplace or heating stove is installed, this utilizes a different fuel type. Because of this, it may bring the need for a new chimney liner. Sometimes chimneys are installed with an improperly sized flue. A new chimney liner can help solve the drafting problems caused by this.

If you are faced with chimney relining, you likely will be presented with two relining options: A stainless steel chimney liner or a sealant.

chimney lining repairs in richmond vaStainless steel chimney liners

Stainless steel chimney liners are a popular choice for chimney relining. First, they are easy to install, come in a variety of sizes to suit different flues, plus are safe and effective. Secondly, stainless steel chimney liners are incredibly durable, and many come with lifetime warranties. In the event of a fireplace flare up, stainless steel chimney liners are meant to handle the heat. Also, it prevents a chimney fire from igniting the abutting home structure.


Another option for chimney relining is HeatShield sealant. HeatShield Cerfractory sealant is a ceramic refractory coating. Your chimney technician will smooth it over the walls of your masonry chimney so it creates a tight seal and restores your chimney liner. In addition, HeatShield Cerfractory sealant closes off any gaps, cracks or spalling bricks within your chimney’s liner. Once fully applied, HeatShield will protect your chimney flue from the extreme heat of your fireplace, moisture and the corrosive byproducts of your fireplace. It is also approved for use with any fuel type, so it can be applied to an otherwise sound chimney that has a terracotta or clay chimney liner.

It can be difficult to determine whether your chimney is in need of a new liner, but Chimney Saver Solutions can help! A thorough chimney inspection can help turn up signs of chimney liner damage. A video chimney inspection can show you exactly where and how your chimney liner is failing. Are you changing your fireplace fuel type and know your fireplace has sustained damage? Have you found chunks of clay chimney tiles in your firebox? Alert your chimney sweep to potential chimney liner damage. If you believe your chimney is in need of a new liner, or if you are due for your annual sweeping and inspection, call Chimney Saver Solutions to schedule an appointment today!

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