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3 Chimney Repairs You May Need Before Winter

The seasons keep rolling on as surely as the sun comes up each morning. It’s good to find out what chimney repairs you may need before winter starts so that you’re ready for the chilly weather. Chimneys can be high-maintenance amenities, especially if routine upkeep is neglected. Many homeowners are caught off guard, not realizing that chimney masonry is highly susceptible to damage caused by moisture intrusion. Keeping moisture out is half the battle and dealing with the damage moisture causes
can get expensive. The following are among the chimney repairs commonly needed in fall.

chimney tuckpointing, ashland va1-Masonry Repair

Chimney masonry may be crumbling, cracked, or leaning precariously like the tower of Pisa. Now is the perfect time to schedule masonry repair because extra expense is involved in handling these matters in winter. If you need chimney repair, you are fortunate if the requirements are limited to a procedure called “tuckpointing.” When mortar begins to deteriorate, it needs to be replaced so that water can’t infiltrate the masonry system. Catch mortar damage early enough, and chimney experts will
remove the old mortar and replace it with new mortar. Tuckpointing strengthens the defense system against moisture and also provides renewed stability to the entire structure far more affordably than having to tear down and rebuild a chimney.

2-Chimney Liner Repair or Replacement

The chimney liner inside the flue is an essential safety component when using your fireplace. The protection against home fires and exposure to deadly fumes that the chimney liner provides is compromised if there is even one small crack in the flue liner. Because it is the dark, narrow passageway that spans the length of a chimney, it may require a Level 2 chimney inspection to discover a breach in the flue. A Level 2 inspection includes a top-to-bottom examination of the flue liner using special video
equipment. Stainless steel chimney liners typically replace damaged clay tile liners. One reason is that stainless steel liners are more durable. Secondly, repairing a clay tile liner involves the teardown and rebuilding of chimney masonry.

chimney crown repair, short pump va3-Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are the slightly angled white slabs at the top of the chimney, and they are important in the fight against moisture intrusion. Harsh outdoor elements such as ice, snow, rain, and even the sun wear away the materials used to build chimney crowns. It is not easy to spot chimney crown deterioration without climbing onto the roof. Annual chimney inspections should be scheduled annually and before you start to use your chimney, so that all chimney components can be checked for damage and, as needed, ensure that repairs are made before the cold weather rolls in.

Contact CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweeps

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions can identify the chimney repairs you may need before winter to keep the home fires burning warm.


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