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Has your chimney suffered storm damage?

Summer has brought wicked weather to the Richmond area. With the recent bought of storms and rain, there is a high likelihood for chimney damage. Chimneys often suffer the brunt of severe weather, as their position atop homes leaves them vulnerable to rain damage, wind damage and even damage from lightning strikes.

In the greater Richmond area, Chimney Saver Solutions is your expert in chimney storm damage repair.  We can repair any storm-damaged chimney, and we will even work with your insurance company to help get the repairs covered.

chimney storm damage repairs powhatan vaHere are some common repairs we see after heavy storms strike, and some things you should be on the lookout for with your chimney:

  • Cracked masonry or missing bricks. If cracks formed on your chimney, or if you found pieces of brick lying on the ground after a recent storm or microburst, it is clear that your chimney has suffered damage and should be evaluated.
  • Damaged flashing around the base of the chimney. The flashing is the metal around the base of your chimney that seals off the chimney where it meets your roofline to prevent leaks. A deluge of water from a heavy rain or the impact of hail can leave your flashing damaged and your home susceptible to water leaks.
  • Missing, damaged or unseated chimney caps. Heavy winds, or debris tossed by the wind, can knock your chimney cap off of your chimney or leave it off quilter so that it is no longer protecting your chimney. A missing or unseated chimney cap can allow water to pour down the interior walls of your chimney or allow animals or birds to gain entry to your chimney.
  • Missing or damaged chase covers. Just like a chimney cap, the chimney chase cover that encloses your prefabricated chimney can be blown away by heavy winds or damaged by the impact of flying debris. Without a chase cover, water has an open path into your home’s structure.

If your home has suffered damage during Richmond’s recent storms, call Chimney Saver Solutions today! We will help assess the damage, formulate a plan for repairs, file a claim with your insurance company and get your chimney fixed quickly! Neglecting chimney repairs can leave your chimney and your home vulnerable to further and more extensive damage. Putting repairs off also can jeopardize your ability to have the storm damage covered by your insurance company.

If you don’t see any visible damage but worry that your chimney took a beating in our recent bad weather, Chimney Saver Solutions can help put your mind at ease! Schedule a chimney inspection, and we will inspect all vulnerable parts of your chimney, including the cap, crown, chase cover, flashing, masonry and more. We will make sure your chimney hasn’t suffered any damage, or if it has, we will have it repaired for you in no time.

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