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Why chimney waterproofing is right for you

Fall brings cooler temperatures and ushers in wet weather. Soggy, misty, rainy weather turns to sleet and snow. All of that moisture can wreak havoc on your masonry chimney. That’s why chimney waterproofing is right for you.

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Water and your chimney

Water in its many forms is so damaging to your chimney that the Chimney Safety Institute has dubbed water a chimney’s No.1 enemy, stating that water can do more damage to a chimney than a fire. Moisture is such a threat because masonry is highly porous. It easily absorbs any water that comes into contact with it. That water absorbed by the masonry really becomes a problem when the temperature drops. As the water freezes and expands, it can damage your chimney by causing bricks and mortar to crack and crumble.

As water penetrates your chimney, it can cause a host of problems. Cracking and crumbling masonry can weaken your chimney’s structure. Damaged masonry also can let water to permeate your home’s structure and cause damage, or it allow water into the chimney to damage the liner and rust metal components of your fireplace, such as the damper, the fireplace grate and fireplace doors.

In the end, water can spell serious trouble for your chimney and your home. Exposure to moisture can accelerate your chimney’s deterioration. A chimney damaged by water can fail to keep your home safe from the heat, fire and gases produced by your fireplace. The leaking water can threaten the safety of chimney’s and your home’s structures.

Protecting your chimney from water

There are a few ways to make sure your chimney is protected from water. A sturdy, well-placed chimney cap keeps water from pouring down the interior walls of your chimney flue. Your chimney sweep also should inspect your chimney crown during your annual chimney sweeping to make sure that the crown is free from cracks or damage that could allow water to penetrate your chimney from the top. Any cracks or crumbles in your chimney’s masonry should be repaired as soon as possible to protect the masonry from further damage and to prevent water from making its way into the chimney and your home.

One of the most effective ways to protect your chimney from moisture damage is through chimney waterproofing. Your chimney sweep can apply a special application that blocks your chimney from absorbing moisture. At the same time, the waterproofing solution is breathable and still will allow your chimney to exhaust the gases produced by your fireplace. Applying a waterproofing solution to protect your chimney from moisture damage can save you from having to make costly chimney repairs caused by water in the future!

If you want to make sure your chimney will be protected from rain, sleet and snow this fall and winter, call Chimney Saver Solutions today! Our chimney technicians can waterproof your chimney to keep it and your home safe from all of the inclement weather fall and winter bring.

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