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Cool your attic with a solar attic fan

Roofs were made to absorb the sun’s heat, with their large, flat surfaces covered in dark shades of asphalt. The high levels of heat that are absorbed into your roof radiate into your attic’s air space. In fact, solar heat can increase your home’s attic temperature to more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit!  Fortunately, Chimney Saver Solutions can help cool your attic — and your home — with a solar attic fan.

installing solar attic fans hanover vaWhy should you worry about your attic’s temperature?

It can be easy to forget about your attic’s high temperatures, but that extreme heat can have ripple effects through your home. A high attic temperature can increase the load on your air conditioner, making it do more work than is necessary as the warm air from your attic warms the rest of your home. Additionally, the hot attic air, often combined with moisture, can do damage to your home’s roof and internal structures by causing mold, mildew, rust and wood rot. That excessive heat and moisture also can damage any possessions you might keep stored in your attic. And, of course, if you have any living space that abuts your attic, that space can remain uncomfortably warm during the hot summer months, despite your air conditioner’s best efforts.

How do solar attic fans work?

Solar attic fans draw the hot air out of your attic. As warm air vacates the attic space, cooler air from outside is drawn into the attic through the venting in your attic and roofline. With that simple principle, solar attic fans can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50 degrees, and at the same time, solar attic fans can reduce the level of moisture buildup within your attic space. While electric fans have sometimes been used to vent attics, solar fans do the job using the sun’s energy. That means that when your solar attic fan lowers your home cooling bills, it isn’t adding to your home’s electric bill because it requires no grid power to operate!

How are solar attic fans installed?

To install a solar attic fan, our technicians will cut a hole into your roof, and weave the fan’s structure into your shingles. The technician will then seal the opening to ensure that water won’t leak in around the fan’s edges.

What else should you know about solar attic fans?

Solar attic fans are eligible for federal tax credits under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, meaning you will see discounts on the purchase and installation of your solar attic fan! The fans we install also come with a 25-year warranty, and are sealed off with a wire caging so they don’t allow birds, animals or debris to enter your home through the attic fan opening.

If you are ready to lower your home cooling bills and lower the temperature of your home in an energy-efficient way, call Chimney Saver Solutions to learn how you could benefit from installing solar attic fans in your home!

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