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Is Your Chimney Crown Cracked or Damaged?

Fireplaces are popular for the coziness and warmth they provide, but different chimney components need a close watch. For instance, is your chimney crown cracked or damaged? If you haven’t checked in a while, repairs may be needed. And that’s just working from the top of the chimney down, as far as the potential need for an immediate fix

The CSIA-certified technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions know how to find the right answer to all the questions. They can also provide the repairs needed. Read on to learn more about whether your chimney crown is cracked or damaged and other vulnerable components.

damaged crown in Fan district VAIs Your Chimney Crown Cracked or Damaged?

The chimney crown is the white portion of the chimney at the very top. It is often made with substandard material. Even if it is made with the most durable material, the chimney crown is still subject to crack and deteriorate. It gets the brunt of all the most destructive outdoor elements, from relentless sun to lightning to hail. 

If a crack develops in the chimney crown, the threat of even worse damage comes around with winter. When water infiltration has occurred, the freezing and thawing cycles associated with the winter season cause the moisture to expand and contract. That movement causes the chimney crown even worse damage. This is not good because the job of the chimney crown is to protect the chimney system from water infiltration.  

Your Chimney Masonry is Also Vulnerable

Water infiltration is something that virtually every part of the chimney on the rooftop needs protection from. Besides determining if your chimney crown is damaged, it’s important to make sure the mortar, masonry, and chimney flashing are in good condition. If you schedule annual chimney inspections, which all fire safety experts highly recommend, you could save on the cost of masonry repair. That’s because the pros can spot eroding mortar in its early stages.

Tuckpointing is a cost-saving process by which mortar joints are replaced with fresh mortar. This can only be performed if there is no moisture intrusion in the masonry system. The damage to bricks with moisture inside is caused by the same freezing cycles described above. So, if the mortar can be replaced first, before water gets any further, you save the cost of a partial or full chimney rebuild. 

Waterproofing Can Help

You can contact the chimney professionals at Chimney Saver Solutions for the application of chimney waterproofing. This gives extra protection to the chimney, which can potentially save you money on the alternative cost of repairs. It’s important to trust this procedure to the experts. They will use the right waterproofing materials as opposed to the wrong ones, which could make things worse. 

See the Chimney Pros if Your Chimney is Cracked or Damaged

spalling brick in Powhatan VA

It’s good to know who to call for trusted chimney services because scammers freely flow in the unregulated chimney repair industry. At Chimney Saver Solutions in Richmond VA, our technicians are serious about their job and your safety. Is your chimney crown cracked or damaged? Give us a call because, if possible, we will provide repairs. Otherwise, a chimney crown rebuild is necessary. We always use the best materials and the best professional practices. 

Contact us today if you need any type of chimney services, such as chimney cleaning, a chimney inspection, flashing repair, a masonry rebuild, a fix for a chimney leak, help for a leaning chimney, or other issues. Call 804-440-5000 or fill out our online form

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