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Designing A Backyard Fire Pit

A fire pit is always an exciting addition to any outdoor living space. There are likely more options in fire pit designs than you may have imagined. The market for fire pits has grown enormously in recent years. Research shows that fire pits are second only to lawn chairs as far as favorite outdoor accessories. The following are some considerations when designing your backyard fire pit.

fire-pit installation in Short Pump, VAYou are Creating a Destination

Just as indoor fireplaces are often favorite gathering places, outdoor fire pits invite conversation and group activities. Children can roast marshmallows for S’mores and adults can unwind with conversation and cocktails on cool evenings. Although you have a wide range of options, whatever fire pit design you choose should be hit!

Start with Following Safety Rules

Fire pits are enjoyable and they are also potential hazards. There are laws in many cities and neighborhoods dictating specifics with regard to the placement of fire pits. Avoid unnecessary expenses and other headaches by following all local codes. Check on these guidelines before you choose your fire pit because there may be, for instance, a limitation on the size of your fire pit.

Fire Pit Options

The various styles you can choose from may take you by surprise because they are numerous! The following are details on some of many options for fire pits.

Kit Fire Pit

There are, of course, different types of kit fire pits, but a standard type has a metal liner in which fire bricks are added. There is a capstone all around on top, and paver blocks made with cast-concrete are used to build the “fixed masonry well.” The materials look like masonry, but there is no need to mix mortar or cut stone. Construction adhesive is used to hold the blocks together around a fireproof liner that provides protection by blocking the high heat.

Wood-Fire Bowl

You can install a fire pit bowl without surrounding stone or brick. These are used for wood fires, and the price range can be as little as $30 up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size and the material the fire pit is constructed with.

Fire pit installations in Henrico, VAOff-the-Shelf Fire Bowl

Some metal bowls for outdoor fires are small and yet sturdy and lightweight. These can be portable and they are always budget-friendly. Propane, gas, wood, and gel are your fuel options.

Fire Pit Upgrades

There are many ways to get more out of your fire pit. For instance, you can place a tri-pod grill over your fire pit and add barbequing to your fun. Covers are recommended for all fire pits. Covers provide protection from the elements and help the appliances last longer.

Prefab Fire Table

Enjoying an outdoor fire doesn’t require a fire pit. You can also utilize a table that has a built-in fire fueled by gas. This takes outdoor gatherings to another level. Fire tables create a more intimate setting for gathering with the glow of a fire on every face. Are you ready to find the perfect fire pit for your outdoor living space? Our experts at Chimney Saver Solutions can help! We offer chimney services, hearth and fire pit installations, fireplace remodeling and much more. Visit us in Richmond, VA, at 9306 Old Staples Mill Rd, leave a message on our contact page, or give us a call today at 804-440-5000.

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