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Don’t Wait to Fix that Leaky Chimney!

A leaky chimney is evidence of a major problem that is only going to get worse. The best advice you can get is: Don’t wait to fix that leaky chimney! Moisture causes all kinds of problems in the chimney and in your home. Read on to learn the types of damage that could occur if you ignore a chimney leak. Maybe you should get your phone out, too, so you are ready to call the pros at Chimney Saver Solutions.

repair damaged chimney mortar, ashland vaIs My Chimney Leaking??

It’s possible you’ve suspected that something is going on with your chimney, but you aren’t sure. The reality is that it can take a while to figure out if you have a leaky chimney. If you see any of the following, don’t wait because you’ll probably need to call a chimney sweep to fix your leaky chimney:

  • Leaks or water stains on the ceiling or walls around the chimney.
  • The fireplace has a musty smell that may be stronger after heavy rain.
  • Leaks or drips are inside the chimney.
  • The masonry is cracked inside or on the outside
    of the chimney.
  • The bricks and mortar are damaged.

You Can Prevent Electrical Fires, Rot, and More

A leaky chimney will rot the interior of your home if it is not repaired. The water that gets in will travel through the masonry system. Sometimes that path leads to a ceiling, the fuse box, and other places in the home.

If the water is in the ceilings or walls, mold will tend to grow and it could rot. Mold is a significant health hazard, particularly in the very young or old and those with allergies.

If the water makes contact with electrical wiring, it could start an electrical fire. Also, it could cause wallpaper or paint to peel. Wood or plaster could begin to sag.

Your Roof Could Be Severely Damaged

If someone tells you don’t wait to fix that leaky chimney, it could be because they did that and had to replace their roof. The reality is your roof could be damaged by a chimney leak. This usually happens when the chimney flashing is the source of the problem.

A chimney leak that is left unattended often results in a rotting roof. In the severest cases, they have to completely replace the roof. If the leak is caught early, however, you’re less likely to have damage as severe.

chimney liner replacement, midlothian vaPrevent Rust in your Fireplace

With a chimney leak, the fireplace will potentially be damaged. Leaks in the fireplace often cause rusting, damage to the chimney flue liner, and more. Anytime you see water in your fireplace, it is a good indication that there may be other leaks in your chimney, too. Before it gets any more serious, call chimney sweeps immediately.

The Chimney Pros in Richmond VA Fix Chimney Leaks

You will want to call qualified chimney technicians for a problem as serious as a chimney leak. The chimney sweeps who serve Richmond VA and the surrounding area are CSIA-certified. Remember, don’t wait to fix that chimney leak! The repairs get more expensive with time because moisture intrusion only worsens.


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