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Effects Of a Damaged Chimney Liner


How much do you know about your chimney? Are you aware that its chimney liner both keeps you safe and makes your chimney more efficient? With that in mind, here are the effects of a damaged chimney liner.

Chimney Liner Installation Midlothian, VAWhat is a Chimney Liner?

Before we get to the effects of a damaged chimney liner, you should know what the liner is made of and what it does. A chimney liner, also known as a flue liner, is a flexible tube that runs from your fireplace up to the top of your chimney. It allows your fireplace and chimney to work safely and efficiently by directing fumes up your chimney and outside; it also helps to keep your fireplace going without starting a house fire. A chimney liner is usually metal or ceramic (clay); there is also a “cast in place” liner made out of lightweight cement. Let’s see what happens when a chimney liner is damaged.

A Damaged Chimney Liner is a Fire Hazzard

Let’s start with the most apparent effect of a damaged chimney, fire. If this were the only thing that was caused by a damaged chimney liner, it would be worth having it repaired. It only takes a few hours for a fire to break through an unlined chimney. When fire can escape your chimney inside your house, there is a high possibility of your home catching on fire. The National Bureau of Standards found that lumber next to an unlined chimney can ignite in less than four hours. If you suspect your chimney liner is damaged, it’s best not to use it until after it’s been repaired.

Deadly Gases Could Escape from a Damaged Liner

It stands to reason that if fire can find its way through an unlined chimney, so can deadly, toxic gases. The most dangerous of the gases that could escape through a damaged chimney liner is carbon monoxide. The reason carbon monoxide is so deadly is that it is both invisible and odorless, which means that it may be too late by the time you start feeling its effects. As with fire, if you suspect your chimney liner, don’t use it until it’s been repaired to prevent carbon monoxide from spreading in your home. As an additional security measure, place carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home to prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Damaged Brickwork

Not only are gases a threat to you, but they can also have a caustic effect and break down the brickwork in your chimney. If you have holes in your chimney liner, there is a good chance that your chimney is beginning to crumble. The mortar between bricks can become porous and allow gasses to escape and moisture into your chimney, accelerating its breaking down. Replacing a bad chimney liner will extend the life of your chimney significantly.

Is Your Chimney Liner Damaged?

Even if you think your chimney is fine, it still needs to be inspected by a qualified chimney inspector. A chimney inspector has the training, experience, and tools to detect any defects in your chimney liner. Inspecting a chimney is not a do-it-yourself project because of the risk involved with an incorrect diagnosis.

Chimney Inspection Tuckahoe, VALet Chimney Saver Solutions Inspect Your Chimney Liner

Let us examine your chimney liner for damage or defects. Our inspectors are certified by the Chimney Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute.

We are fully licensed and insured. Get in touch today; one of our friendly staff will schedule a time where we can inspect your chimney liner at your convenience. Don’t take the risk of using your fireplace with a damaged chimney liner.
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