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Fall Fireplace Tips

Raise your hand if you’re ready for fall. While the season is technically already here, the weather is only beginning to show the signs we associate with fall. As we move further into October, we’ll begin seeing more and more of those such as pumpkins, falling leaves, and of course active fireplaces. This brings us to an interesting conundrum. Decorating for fall is a rite of passage for this time of year, yet it’s also when we start to use our fireplaces again. That’s why we put together this list of fall fireplace tips.

Let’s first look at a few decorating ideas before moving on to important maintenance tasks.

fall fireplace colors in Fan District VA

It’s All About Color

The first of our fall fireplace tips is to pay attention to the colors of the season -- usually earth tones such as browns and oranges.

Then, you can easily incorporate them into your fireplace mantle’s decor and aesthetic. Color helps create depth and contrast, especially if you use a mix of hues in your setup. Focus on natural colors and similar pale tones. Together, they can create some very beautiful fall combinations.

Embrace the Pumpkin

Next, this might sound a bit cliche, but hear us out.

Embrace the pumpkin.

Let’s face it, you can’t throw a football ten yards during the fall without finding this variety of squash. But here’s the thing: when it comes to decorating, you can often find pumpkins in various sizes and colors. So, when thinking about the first of our fall fireplace tips, see if you can find some creative ways to incorporate alternatively shaded pumpkins into your home.

Fire + Fire = Bliss

Just a quick note with this tip: candles work great around your mantle and hearth during the fall. When lit, along with a burning fire, they can make for a beautiful aesthetic.

Things to Clean

Speaking of fire, our fall fireplace tips will now focus on safety and prevention instead of decor. First, there are a handful of things we tell each Chimney Saver Solutions customer that they should clean before starting their first fire. Those are:

• Your doors;
• Your burners (if you have a gas fireplace);
• And your firebox itself, such as removing any leftover ash and cleaning the walls.

Items To Inspect

In addition to some basic cleaning, your fireplace should have undergone both a sweep and inspection before its first use. This can help identify any problems that there may be with the structure.

chimney sweep in Mechanicsville VA

In addition, during a sweep your technician will remove any creosote buildup and identify any areas of concern that should be addressed before using your system.

Our Favorite Fall Fireplace Tips

As a bonus duo of tips, we wanted to leave you with these thoughts. Fall is a great time for family gatherings and cozy nights. First, be sure to utilize proper fireplace and chimney safety this season. And second, if you’re overdue for an inspection, be sure to schedule that before lighting your first fire.

And as always, if you need any assistance you can get in touch a couple of ways. First, call the team at Chimney Saver Solutions at 804-440-5000 or send us a message requesting a callback here on our online form.

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