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Firebox Replacement

Replacing your firebox on a regular basis is a wise practice, as it can keep you healthy as well as to ensure the health of the rest of your household. Chimneys that are cleaned at least once a year aid in the removal of hazardous creosote deposits and other toxins.

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As your families enjoy the warmth provided by their fireplaces and wood stoves, the chimney’s role to expel the excess debris are often looked over. Substances such as fumes, soot, melted coal, hydrocarbons, gases and various minerals are left as residue. Chimney sweeping and cleaning are truly beneficial for one’s health.

Ways to Replace a Firebox

There are actually a number of ways to replace a firebox. One is to contact a mason, especially if you have an expensive fireplace. Although if your fireplace is a simple traditional one, then cleaning it will be something you can do on your own. Whichever you choose is fine based on your personal preferences and experience level.

Initially when you begin with firebox replacement you will need to first determine whether or not your firebox is prefabricated. A prefab firebox has firebrick replacement panels with technical specifications uniquely designed to its manufacturer. Take extra precaution by not experimenting by using another manufacturer’s panels.

What is the difference of a masonry fireplace and a prefabricated firebox?

A masonry fireplace is built of brick or stone and mortar, whereas a pre-fabricated fireplace include a metal chimney and firebox. Both are equally safe when maintained well. Brick fireplaces are more durable in the long run but pre-fabricated fireplaces are more cost friendly to install.

The materials and labor costs of a customized masonry fireplace is also an option but makes it the more expensive option. Costly because not only will it be custom-made to fit and suit your preferences and the design of the house but, with appropriate care, it will also last you and your family a lifetime. A masonry fireplace can also handle hotter fires compared to that of a pre-fabricated one because it is made entirely from brick.

Having said all that, pre-fabricated fireplaces will be a far more affordable choice and can be made of very good quality components. Pre-fabricated fireplaces are highly efficient. Most of the time, it is easier to clean than brick chimneys. The metal flues are also less likely to have a dangerous buildup of creosotes.

Either way, the point is to have an annual cleaning of your firebox and Chimney Saver Solutions would be more than glad to help you with your concerns and address your needs in no time! Schedule an appointment with us today!

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