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Fireplace Face-lift

While a fireplace and chimney ideally will last the lifetime of your home, sometimes the exterior of your fireplace will suffer chipped bricks, black stains from soot, and other cosmetic blemishes. Or, you have moved into an older home with a fireplace with looks that need improving. According to This Old House, installing a fireplace insert is one of the best and easiest ways to give that fireplace the face-lift it needs. Not only will an insert completely renovate the looks of your hearth, but you will also save energy with a more efficient heating system. At Chimney Saver Solutions, our staff is experienced with working with customers to retrofit old fireplaces, and with all the new technologies in fireplace inserts, we can practically do whatever you wish, even convert the fuel type of your heating system.

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Economical all the way around, Chimney Saver Solutions offers you great prices with significant discounts on premium brand fireplace inserts because we do not have a retail showroom. Once you have an insert professionally installed, you will notice a huge savings in your heating bill. Approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these clean-burning fireplace inserts are so energy efficient they will pay for themselves. However, to be sure you get the most savings, professional installation of your insert is a must, and the certified technicians at Chimney Saver Solutions will come to your house for a free consultation to inspect your venting system to be sure the insert you have chosen meets the specific venting specifications as well as the local and county codes.

Another thing to consider when you are shopping for a fireplace insert is the fuel type. Your choices range from wood to gas to pellets to coal. When you decide to convert from one fuel source to another, you need to take special consideration and consult our staff at Chimney Saver Solutions. If the maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace annoys you, we can easily convert your fireplace to a gas or pellet-burning fireplace with an insert. Our experienced technicians will lead the way with a free consultation to advise you on the best fuel type of fireplace insert for your home.

To give your fireplace the ultimate face-lift, Chimney Saver Solutions offers a wide variety of fireplace inserts through our online fireplace and stove store. You will find the best, highest-quality heating systems on the market, from traditional wood-burning fireplace styles to contemporary, sleek, and modern gas fireplace inserts. Again, our experienced staff can guide you through your shopping process, helping you select the best style and color as well as fuel type for your home. You can have your free consultation done before you begin shopping so you know exactly what dimensions and specifications you need for your new insert, making this process the easiest facelift in history.

If you are ready to update the look of your fireplace, contact Chimney Saver Solutions today to talk to our knowledgeable staff about the ease, efficiency, and convenience of fireplace inserts.

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