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How To Fix A Gas Fireplace That Keeps Shutting Off

One of the common benefits noted about gas fireplaces is the ease of use. But when they’re not functioning as they should, it could get quite frustrating – especially when you can’t pinpoint where the issue stems from. If you’re having issues with your gas fireplace staying lit, it’s likely one of a couple issues pertaining to either: the pilot light assembly, pilot tubing, or the thermocouple and thermopile.

While it’s always best and safest to call an experienced professional, let’s see if we can help you locate the source of your fireplace’s issue.

gas fireplaces and installation, fan district vaParts in your gas fireplace

It’s important to know the basic components of your gas fireplace and how they operate.

Pilot Light

The pilot light is what lights the rest of your fire – it’s a small, blue flame that ignites when you push a button, flip a switch, or turn a key.

Gas line

This is what supplies natural gas to your home and, more specifically, to your gas fireplace.


A sensor that regulates the overall temperature of your fireplace.


Working with the thermocouple, this sensor opens and shuts the gas valve when you turn on the gas fireplace.

Oxygen Sensor

This is an important component for your safety as it monitors that there is sufficient oxygen in your house for the fireplace to operate.

Heating elements

These are also known as burner ports and is with the fire is once lit by the pilot light.

Determining the issue

Now that you know the different components of your gas fireplace, you can begin to consider with the issue is coming from.

gas fireplace components, richmond va

  • Check the gas and gas line: One of the first and simplest things to check is the gas line. If there is damage to the line, not only could it be unsafe and should be addressed immediately, but it may simply be the lack of gas to your unit that’s causing the shut off. Also take this time to ensure you’re not out of gas.
  • Pilot light reset: Another potential cause of your issues is if the pilot light needs to be reset. This is another simple fix but can solve your problem.
  • Check all the sensors: Next on the list would be to check your thermocouple, thermopile, and oxygen sensor pieces of equipment in that order to make sure they’re operating properly.
  • Heating elements blockage: Finally, make sure there are no blockages or dirty ports. This is often overlooked, but even with gas fireplaces, it’s possible that debris could collect.

If you’re still having a hard time pinpointing why your gas fireplace isn’t working as it should, it may be time to call an expert. To speak with experts about gas fireplace issues or questions, call Chimney Saver Solutions, the trusted chimney professionals in the Richmond VA area.

We can also help with chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney masonry repair, fireplace installation, and all things related to the care of your venting system. You can fill out our online form or call us at
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