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Reasons Why Your Gas Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

Stylish, low-maintenance gas fireplaces can make great additions to multiple rooms in any home. As convenient and trouble-free as they tend to be, you may find yourself searching for reasons why your gas fireplace keeps shutting off. Although it’s always good to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your solid fuel appliance, some general information could solve this issue for you. The experts at Chimney Saver Solutions can handle all chimney and fireplace services and answer any questions you may have. Below are some troubleshooting tips concerning a gas fireplace that keeps shutting off.

gas fireplace repair in Carytown VAWhy Does My Gas Fireplace Keep Going Out?

Gas fireplaces can suddenly refuse to stay ignited, and there are times they won’t ignite at all. These are rather common things. The good news is that you may be able to fix the problem yourself. In any case, the following is a list of potential reasons a gas fireplace keeps shutting off:
● Thermostat problem
● Defective burner
● Pilot light issue
● Thermocouple issue
● Blocked vent
● Dirty filters
● Problems with the exhaust fan
● Defective electrical wires

Pilot Light Issue

When there is a problem with a gas fireplace shutting off, the first thing to check is whether the pilot light is operating properly. The pilot light is essential to the ignition process. If the pilot light is out, all that may be needed is to relight it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and as needed, call the chimney sweep pros at Chimney Saver Solutions.

Thermostat Problem

Gas lines will not ignite if the thermostat is set to the wrong temperature. Simply reset the thermostat and check to be sure the temperature is right. By resetting the thermostat, your gas fireplace could stop shutting itself off and, instead, may begin running properly.

Check the Thermocouple

A safety device on gas fireplaces, the thermocouple detects the presence of the flame on the pilot light and shuts off the gas flow if it isn’t present. It is not uncommon for thermocouples to need replacing, which means nothing triggers the gas lines to fire up the appliance. Please note that only qualified professionals can work on thermocouple issues. It is dangerous if thermocouple work is done incorrectly.

The Burner is Defective

When the igniter isn’t functioning properly on a gas fireplace, it may be an indication of a defective burner. If the burner is defective, the gas supply to the gas fireplace will simply stop. The igniter or burner will need to be replaced to fix this issue. Correctly identifying the problem causing your gas fireplace to shut off is essential. The right fix will ensure that you can continue enjoying the warmth and luxury of your gas fireplace.

Contact the Chimney Experts if Your Gas Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

The information above may help, but many other things could be why your gas fireplace keeps shutting off. Why not get the help of the trusted CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions? Our reputation for reliability is proven. In addition to troubleshooting problems with gas fireplaces, we offer new fireplace installation, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, chimney cap installation, and much more!

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