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Does a Gas or Wood Fireplace Better Compute With Your Lifestyle?

The decision to add a fireplace to your home may lead to a subtraction in heating costs and a multiplication of benefits. Do you need help determining whether a gas or wood fireplace better fits or “computes with” your lifestyle? Figure on finding one stark and several more subtle differences between these two types of fireplaces. 

wood burning fireplace installations and cleanings in Powhatan VAWhat can be the sum of careful consideration and professional fireplace installation performed by qualified chimney sweeps like those at Chimney Saver Solution? We believe your new gas or wood fireplace can add a tremendous boost to current and future winters. Facts follow that can lead you to the right fireplace equation for your home.

Benefits of Gas & Wood

The first point concerning the choice between a new gas or wood fireplace is that you can relax. It’s hardly possible to make a wrong decision here. However, one or the other may have a distinct advantage in one area or another that is important to you. Whether you choose a gas-fueled or wood-fueled fireplace, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Awesome Ambiance

Modern gas and wood fireplaces both provide that pleasurable ambiance of home fires enjoyed for centuries – millenniums, even. Between the mesmerizing quality of flames and the warmth of fires, no other heat source has the atmospheric appeal of a fireplace. Advantage: Wood fireplaces have an ambiance advantage due to the crackling, aroma, and flame quality of real wood fires.

Increased Efficiency

Today’s EPA-approved gas and wood fireplaces are remarkably efficient (from approximately 70% to 85%), whereas open masonry fireplaces are grossly inefficient (10% to possibly 20%). What these figures mean is that as little as 15% of the heat is lost up the chimney rather than heating your home compared to 80% or more going up in smoke. Advantage: Gas fireplaces tend to have higher efficiency ratings than wood fireplaces.

Boost Home Value

Real estate statistics prove year after year that gas and wood fireplaces increase home values significantly. One survey showed that, among prospective buyers, 77% would willingly pay more for a home with a fireplace. Advantage: Modern home buyers tend to prefer gas fireplaces due to their convenience.

The Perfect Style

Whether you are shopping for gas or wood fireplaces, you will find styles that perfectly complement your home. From rustic fireplaces to sleek, modern fireplaces and everything in between, the manufacturers of gas and wood fireplaces offer abundant selections that add up to just the right fit for you. Advantage: Gas fireplaces have more style options, some of which are incredibly creative.

gas fireplace service in Short Pump VAWhen Fireplace Convenience Equals Happiness

The wonderful convenience of gas fireplaces places a gulf between them and wood fireplaces. The amount of effort you put into getting the flames going, for instance, involves so much more with wood fireplaces. Wood needs to be cut, stacked, stored, seasoned, and hauled into the home if you have a wood-burning fireplace. With gas fireplaces, one only needs to adjust the thermostat or use a handy remote control to turn flames on and off.

Wood fires produce highly flammable creosote, which creates numerous potential dangers. Creosote can lead to dangerous chimney fires. With every wood fire, creosote builds up inside the chimney flue. Therefore, chimney cleaning is required at least annually. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, do not create creosote. An annual inspection is the only maintenance required for gas fireplaces, though periodic wiping down of the unit may also be needed.

Schedule Fireplace Installation with Chimney Pros

At Chimney Saver Solutions, every chimney sweep is CSIA-certified. You can rely on their experience, professionalism, and training for a safer fireplace, dependable chimney services, and greater peace of mind. We can provide more information to help you decide whether a gas or wood fireplace better fits your lifestyle. There is more to explore–more to the equation–that may be the deciding factor for you.

Contact us today for help determining whether a gas or wood fireplace is the best fit for your lifestyle. Our comprehensive services include fireplace installation, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, flue liner replacement, flashing repair, chimney crown replacement, and much more. Call 804-440-5000 or fill out our online form

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