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What is HeatShield and how can it help you?

Have you been told that your flue liner is deteriorating? Do you find chunks of clay tiles at the bottom of your firebox? Did you know that HeatShield chimney sealant could help you save your existing chimney liner and keep your home safe?

The problem with a deteriorating chimney liner

Most chimney liners, particularly those in older homes, are constructed out of clay tiles. The tiles insulate your chimney, preventing the heat from your flue from reaching the abutting structures of your home and keeping smoke securely in the chimney. Over time, due to excessive heat from a chimney fire or from moisture, the clay tiles can crack or crumble, compromising the security of your chimney liner. With a compromised chimney liner, your home is at risk for a fire, smoke damage or a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide.

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The HeatShield solution

In most cases, it is impractical to rebuild a deteriorating clay tile chimney liner, as it would involve tearing out portions, or even all, of the chimney itself! HeatShield’s chimney sealant solves this problem! It allows you to restore the surface of your chimney liner so that your chimney liner functions like new.

To determine if your chimney liner needs to be sealed, our chimney sweeps will perform a video scan of your chimney flue to identify cracks in your liner or crumbling clay tiles. To resurface a damaged liner, a foam applicator plug, which is custom made for your chimney, is placed at the bottom of the chimney flue and attached to a winch atop your chimney. A “tiecoat,” which acts as a primer, is poured into the chimney, and the applicator is pulled up via the winch to smooth the tiecoat into place. Once the tiecoat is dry, the application process will be repeated with the HeatShield sealant itself. Once the application is complete, your chimney technician will again perform a video scan of the inside of your chimney to ensure that the sealant has completely coated and sealed your chimney flue.

HeatShield also can be used to repair isolated cracks within the chimney. In those cases, a foam applicator blade is fitted to an application tool, and the application tool is attached to the winch. The tool places HeatShield directly in the crack of the tile liner, and the foam blade is pulled upward to smooth out the sealant. A camera affixed to the bottom of the tool provides verification that the crack was effectively and completely sealed.

Because your chimney liner is so important to the proper function of your chimney and the safe operation of your fireplace, it can be scary to hear that it is in disrepair. Fortunately, with HeatShield, your clay tile chimney liner can be fixed quickly and effectively, and the repairs are made to last! If you’ve been told that your chimney liner is riddled with cracks or spalling tiles, or if you have noticed pieces of tile liner at the bottom of your fireplace, call Chimney Saver Solutions for a chimney evaluation today!

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