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How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Hazards

prevent carbon monoxide with a chimney sweep bon air vaEvery year more than 200 cases of deaths are observed due to inadequate safety awareness in the public on how to avoid carbon monoxide hazards. This is a conservative number according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Other agencies estimate that this could be as high as about 4000. Why are these figures so huge? Unlike other potent gases, carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and virtually undetectable gas. It kills slowly over time with effects like dizziness or stomach ache, quite normally associated with being harmless.

The problem is closer than you think

When winter comes, you turn ON the thermostat at a comfortable 67 or 70 degree Fahrenheit and simply close off the windows to retain the warmth. Have you ever considered whether the ducts are at optimum levels? Today’s gas or oil heating systems might be highly efficient but if the ducts are not serviced at periodic intervals, the results can be very bad.

Address it early on

While you might not realize the problem and keep putting off a chimney sweep appointment, it might be turning more and more fatal day by day. The problem lies in the fact that most of the chimneys, no matter how well built, simply deteriorate over time. The cause might be weather, animals, or even simply periodic usage leading to erosion. Moreover, using an oil thermostat connected to the chimney for exhaust leads to a layer of oil deposition on the chimney walls. This is simply unavoidable. Because, this leads to higher levels of smoke retention and CO production as time passes. Same is the case with gas. Unlike natural gas, the high efficiency gas used today might lead to significant savings in terms of money, but results in less than desirable results when vented through the normal chimney vents. Call us today and get an inspection done; something as important as proper ventilation should be left to the real professionals.

Smoke in your home?

Sometimes, it happens that the smoke being formed, instead of going out through the chimney, comes into the room. Most people try to solve this by themselves. Instead of hiring professional help, they try to clean out the chimney, thinking that this will be a one stop solution. What this results in, besides getting soot all over your house is the fact that it worsens. You might get temporary relief, but the pattern reoccurs after a few days. Flue blockage might not be an uncommon phenomenon due to creosote build-up or debris, but the solution should be left to the professionals. No point in trying to save yourself a few bucks resulting in getting injured and spending five times more in the treatment.
Simple things like ignoring the annual chimney inspection might seem harmless, but more often than not, these simple things accumulate to have far worse consequences than one could have imagined. Ask yourself this; “Is it really worth the cost to put your young and loved ones at risk?” If the answer is No, well, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay and give us a call at (804) 440-5000.

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