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Ways to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

A complete winter-ready guide suggests ways to identify and seal chimney drafts. Richmond VA winters are too icy to dismiss the issue of arctic air blowing in through the fireplace. Downward drafts of cold air pose a threat greater than simply chilling up the indoor air. The toxic combustion byproducts produced by fires can also enter your home. Potentially deadly carbon monoxide is among those harmful fumes. Finding a solution to a drafty fireplace often involves help from a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, and none are more qualified than the experts at Chimney Saver Solutions. Fixes for wayward chimney drafts follow.

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Any part of a chimney that is in disrepair could be the source of chimney drafts. Chimneys should be checked for gaps and cracks in the bricks and mortar. The chimney cap should be inspected to ensure an airtight seal. If you have a manufactured fireplace, ensure that the chimney collar is attached securely to the chimney flue.

Chimney Height

Downdrafts could be caused by the height of your chimney. If the chimney is a few inches taller than it should be in relationship to the rooftop, downdrafts are the natural result. Too-short chimneys are even worse for exposing your home to downdrafts. In these cases, improper height of the chimney stack is the source of the problem.

Apply Weatherstripping

Do the cold drafts of air seem to come through the fireplace doors? Weatherstripping can be applied to the side of the fireplace doors or the screen. Adding the flexible material as needed is among the easiest solutions to seal against chimney drafts.

Check the Hearth

The area around the fireplace can be the source of the draft. For gas fireplaces, the gas line and vent should be properly sealed. Otherwise, the gaps could be the source of the cold air seeping into your home.

Check the Damper

Throat dampers are common sources of drafts. The metal plate above the firebox should form a seal when it is closed. Throat dampers tend to warp from extreme heat and rust because of excess moisture. If a damper is the source of a drafty fireplace, consider a top-mount damper. These dampers that are installed at the top of the chimney reliably shut tight. 

Negative Air Pressure

Air pressure is a common problem in newer homes. Because the homes are airtight, it can affect the chimney draft. In other words, a healthy drawing of air up the chimney is disrupted. There are various causes and solutions when the negative air pressure in the home is the cause of a drafty fireplace. This is a problem that qualified chimney sweeps can help with.

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Chimney Saver Solutions technicians know the ways to identify and seal chimney drafts. You can avoid hit-and-miss chimney services by going directly to our trusted chimney technicians. Drafty fireplaces can be tricky problems, like leaky chimneys. We have the experience to unravel such mysteries and provide the right fix.

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