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The Importance of Annual Chimney Inspections

In prep for winter weather, it’s good to come to grips with the importance of annual chimney inspections. The safety of using your fireplace is at stake. Also, your finances could take a mind-boggling hit if you don’t schedule a qualified chimney sweep with a CSIA certification to inspect your chimney each year. Details follow.

Chimney Inspections in Carytown & Fan VAPrevent Potential Fires

Chimney inspections equip you to avoid the serious threats to your home and family caused by fires. Approximately 20,000 hazardous chimney fires occur in the U.S. every year. Many are caused by obstructions in the chimney. A buildup of creosote is the most common obstruction, and these types of chimney fires are especially dangerous. All the flammable creosote inside the chimney feeds and intensifies the flames. So, professional chimney cleaning is also crucial.

Briefly, another huge reason annual chimney inspections are important is because of the dangers associated with chimney flues. The chimney liner, which is subject to deterioration, will be checked for damage by video, as needed. When there is any breach in the chimney flue, the home and family become susceptible to two threats:

  • An intense house fire resulting from pyrolysis and
  • Life-threatening exposure to carbon monoxide.

Avoid Hazardous Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Fires produce toxic gases, including potentially deadly carbon monoxide. A chimney inspection can flush out chimney liner damage and other problems that may be causing carbon monoxide exposure. Chimney obstructions can cause downdrafts, for instance. A chimney downdraft occurs when the smoke from a fire doesn’t go up the chimney as it’s supposed to. Carbon monoxide enters the home anytime there is a downdraft. The lack of a proper chimney draft is also among the reasons downdrafts occur.

Dodge Denial on an Insurance Claim

The importance of annual chimney inspections is never more painfully realized than when an insurance claim is denied after a home has been destroyed by fire. Check your homeowners’ insurance to see if damage will be covered in the event of a fireplace-related home fire. Evidence that you have scheduled yearly visits by professional chimney sweeps is nearly always necessary. Chimney cleaning is just as important as inspections when you have a wood-burning fireplace.

Minimize the Cost of Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are vulnerable to moisture damage. Various components that help keep water out tend to wear out. The chimney crown, chimney flashing, mortar, and chimney cap all need to be in good shape. Deterioration of one or another chimney component that keeps water out can occur at any time. When moisture damage in chimneys is ignored, the cost of repairs is higher.

Chimney Inspections in Chesterfield VAWe Inspect and Repair Chimneys in Greater Richmond VA

You can prevent, avoid, dodge, and minimize the problems listed above by contacting us at Chimney Saver Solutions. Stressing the importance of annual chimney inspections is a priority for us because we care. In addition to chimney inspections and chimney cleaning, we offer full and partial masonry rebuilds, a money-saving tuckpointing procedure, chimney flue liner repair and replacement, chimney waterproofing, fireplace installation, and all other fireplace and chimney services that you might need. Our chimney sweeps are all CSIA-certified. Schedule expert chimney inspection services at Chimney Saver Solutions by calling (804) 440-5000 today! You can also contact us online through our handy contact form.

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