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Increase Home Value With A Fireplace

Most home buyers want a home with a working fireplace, and home value can get even more of a boost by offering trending fireplace features. Return on investment is excellent with fireplace updates and installations. Real estate experts say home sales increase by as much as 6% to 12% if there is a working fireplace. Trending fireplace features add even more to a home’s appeal. The following are tips for increasing your home’s value with a working fireplace complete with in-demand qualities.

Fireplace Fix with Upgrades

updating my fireplace, fan district vaIf you need to get your fireplace back in working order, that can be as easy as calling trusted CSIA-certified chimney sweeps in your area. No need to stop with chimney repairs. An investment in simple upgrades can make a big difference. Overhaul your fireplace with some customizable options such as stainless-steel backgrounds, glass media, reflective surfaces, improved faux logs, or a change from a wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace.

Cool-Touch Glass

Some new technologies can make your gas fireplace safer than ever. Glass that stays cool to the touch is now available, and it comes complete with a seamless, modern design. If you have children and/or pets in the house, this new feature is a must-have.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Outdoor living areas our essential home features these days, and any investment in an outdoor fireplace should provide a sure-fire return on investment. One of the primary goals of outdoor living rooms is to draw the family and guests into the out-of-doors. There is nothing quite like a fireplace to draw a cozy gathering, whether indoors or outside.

Fireplace Efficiency

Although masonry fireplaces still have their place in society, most homeowners today seek appliances with heating efficiency. Any EPA-approved fireplace installation that you choose will provide the home with a viable source of supplemental heat. Instead of the meager 10%-at-most efficiency of traditional fireplaces, a new wood-burning or gas fireplace can provide up to 80% efficiency or more.

Zone Heating

There are many benefits to be had with the wide range of gas fireplaces available today, and the ability to conveniently utilize zone heating as a cost-cutting heating strategy is among them. With zone heating, gas fireplaces are installed in the main living areas of the home. Turn off central heating and use the gas fireplace only in the room you are in. Modern gas fireplaces can be installed near combustibles, making it possible to enjoy fireplaces in spaces of virtually any size.

smart control fireplace, short pump vaSmart Capabilities

A tremendous opportunity to increase home value is to include a fireplace integrated with smart technology. Smartphone connectivity makes turning a fireplace on and off a snap, even if you are outside of the home. The flame height, fan speed, and interior lighting effects of a gas fireplace are among the features that can be controlled with smart home technology. Homebuyers love this option!

Contact Chimney Saver Solutions

Whether you need chimney masonry repair, chimney cleaning, a chimney inspection, or a fireplace installation, Chimney Saver Solutions can help. A Certified Chimney Sweep® with the training and experience to provide quality workmanship will help you boost your home value with a working fireplace or trendy new fireplace installation. We will help you find the model that is best for your home and budget. Contact us at Chimney Saver Solutions by calling 804-440-5000 today.

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