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How Do I Know If My Chimney is Lined?

Have you been wondering “How do I know if my chimney is lined?” Even if you were to look down into your chimney from your rooftop, maybe you don’t know how to identify whether you have a liner. That’s okay! Answering questions like that is one of the reasons reputable chimney companies like Chimney Saver Solutions exist. As for chimney liners, if you aren’t even sure you have a liner, it’s best to schedule a chimney inspection right away. Let the professionals take a look because annual chimney inspections and sweeping are the first step in basic chimney maintenance and safety.

Stainless steel chimney reining in Short Pump VAWhat is a Chimney Liner?

A chimney liner is a clay, metal, or ceramic conduit inside the chimney. A clay tile liner is built when most chimneys are constructed because clay tiles are extremely durable and yet cost-effective during the building process. Eventually, the liner wears out or suffers damage of some kind, and then it’s important to schedule repair or replacement of the liner.

Repairing a clay tile liner is impractical if cost is an issue. To replace clay tiles, a partial teardown of the chimney is necessary. Some parts of the tile liner are fine when others are being replaced, but it may not be long until those clay tiles deteriorate, too. Most chimney sweeps recommend a stainless-steel liner for homeowners needing a chimney liner replacement. Stainless steel chimney liners are highly durable and usually come with a lifetime warranty.

What Does a Chimney Liner Do?

A chimney liner protects the home from chimney fires and from the toxic combustion gases produced by fires. It is very dangerous to use a fireplace when the chimney liner has deteriorated or has a crack in it.

Extreme temperatures will affect nearby combustible materials if the liner isn’t fully intact. The heat will cause pyrolysis, which lowers the temperature necessary for the materials to ignite. Sudden home fires that occur every year are the result of using a fireplace when it has a damaged liner or the absence of a liner. Carbon monoxide is among the toxic gases released during combustion. If the chimney liner is damaged, toxic fumes will enter the home. Carbon monoxide is known as The Silent Killer because it has no odor, is unseen, and causes no symptoms until the point when a person may not be able to escape to safety.

How Do I Know if My Chimney is Lined?

Before you use your fireplace, it’s important to ask, if you don’t know, “How do I know if my chimney is lined?” Call reputable chimney sweeps, and they can tell you whether you have a chimney liner, what type it is, and whether it is in good condition. If necessary, a special camera can be used to get a close-up view of the chimney liner, from top to bottom.

Chimney liner repair and replacement in Henrico VACall Richmond VA Experts to Have Your Chimney Liner Checked

The friendly, CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions are happy to answer all of your questions, including “How do I know if my chimney is lined?” They can check your liner, install a new chimney liner, and provide masonry repairs if they are needed. For your safety, don’t use your fireplace until you’re sure that the chimney liner is in good condition. Summer is the best time to schedule a chimney inspection. Masonry repairs should only be performed in spring or summer because the materials will only set properly in warm temperatures.

Call us today at 804-440-5000 to schedule chimney services, including chimney cleaning, fireplace installation, a chimney inspection, masonry repairs, chimney liner replacement, and more. You can also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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