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Is Your Chimney Haunted?

Have you ever heard odd sounds from your chimney, especially around Halloween? Maybe it’s a scratching noise like a creature trying to climb out. Or is it a whirring sound as if something’s flying around inside? These strange noises can be frightening at night, so you might wonder if you have a haunted chimney.

strange chimney noises in Mechanicsville VA Strange Noises Explained

Don’t worry, there’s probably a logical explanation for those strange noises rather than a ghost in your chimney. Here’s a look at some of the most common causes of odd chimney sounds:


Chimneys are a warm and cozy place for animals to nest. Bats, chimney swifts, and squirrels are all common chimney dwellers in the RVA area. You likely have an animal in your chimney flue if you hear scratching, flapping, or chirping noises.


Insects are another common cause of unusual chimney sounds. Bees, wasps, and hornets are known to build nests in chimneys. So, if you hear buzzing or humming, you likely have an insect infestation.

Creaking and popping

Chimneys are made of brick and mortar, which expand and contract as the temperature changes, especially when absorbed moisture freezes into ice particles. It can cause creaking and popping noises. These noises can be a sign of masonry damage, so it’s a good idea to have your chimney inspected by a professional.


If your chimney has debris, like leaves and twigs, it could result in strange noises. When the wind blows down an open flue or when you use your fireplace, you may hear eerie sounds like shaking and rattling, along with a draft that feels like a ghostly hug.

So, what should you do if you hear odd sounds coming from inside your chimney?

To begin with, it’s important to locate the origin of the sound. If you happen to spot an animal or insect responsible for it, you can attempt to remove it yourself. But do exercise caution! These creatures may carry diseases, so it’s crucial to wear protective gear like gloves and a long-sleeved shirt.

However, if you’re uncertain about the cause of the noise or unable to spot it, it’s advisable to contact a professional chimney sweep. We’ll investigate your chimney and pinpoint the source of the sound. Our technician will also clean the chimney and eliminate any debris or animals that may be responsible for the noise.

The Tale of a Haunted Chimney

Virginia happens to be home to several haunted chimneys. Chimney ghosts are said to be the spirits of those who died in chimney fires, such as the deadly Richmond Theater Fire in 1811. Another haunt is Eileen’s At the Chimney, a 300-year-old colonial mansion. These spirits are often mischievous and enjoy making strange noises to scare residents and visitors, but they are not harmful. 

professional chimney inspections in Chesterfield VA

If you hear odd noises from your chimney, it’s probably just an animal, insect, or debris. But if you’re brave, you can always try communicating with the supernatural spirit. 

We Inspect Haunted Chimneys in Greater Richmond-Mechanicsville, VA

If your chimney is moaning and rattling like a ghost, don’t ignore it! These eerie noises could indicate serious problems, including flammable creosote buildup, live animals, masonry damage, or structural issues.

So, call Chimney Saver Solutions at (804) 440-5000 to schedule a visit with a Professional Chimney Sweep today! You can also contact us online through our simple contact form.


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