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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace!

A fireplace is a centerpiece in whatever room it’s in, but sometimes that’s a bad thing. If your fireplace lacks visual appeal, a fireplace upgrade can flip it into the focal point you most admire about your home. You may need an upgrade because of inefficiency. About 90% of the heat from traditional masonry fireplaces usually goes up the chimney. With a fireplace insert installation, the upgrade is more like a transformation and can help to significantly cut your utility costs in winter. Learn more below about options in fireplace upgrades.

Types of Fireplaces

Gas Burning Fireplace in Henrico, VAGas Fireplaces

For homeowners, most remodeling projects involve installation of a gas fireplace. A full masonry chimney is unnecessary for a gas fireplace because venting can go directly through the nearest exterior wall. Gas fireplaces offer tremendous convenience of operation and do a good job of keeping a home warm. Zero-clearance gas fireplaces are built so that it is safe to install them next to combustible materials, which helps to save space in the home while keeping it warm and toasty.

Zone heating is a convenient advantage of having gas fireplaces installed in different rooms. Shut off central heating and turn on the gas fireplace only in the room being used. Gas fireplaces are 70% to 85% efficient and using them can help you trim winter heating costs.

Linear gas fireplaces offer many elegant styles as well as versatility of placement. Gas fireplaces can be installed in a wall that allows viewing of the fire from both sides. The wide range of styles makes it possible to choose a style that suits your tastes and serves as a complement to your home décor.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplace in Richmond, VA

You can have new wood-burning fireplaces installed throughout your home and enjoy efficiency to match gas fireplaces. There isn’t the same level of convenience, but wood is the least expensive fuel available for home heating. Free-standing wood fireplaces come in a wide range of styles, including modern, rustic, and shabby chic.

If you have a fireplace insert installed inside your masonry fireplace, your previously inefficient fireplace will become a whole new appliance that serves as a viable supplemental heat source.

Pellet Fireplace

For the most efficient type of fireplace available, have a pellet fireplace installed.

Instead of burning logs, highly compacted pellets made with wood waste are burned as a hopper feeds them into the fire. You can enjoy safe hands-free operation of a pellet fireplace for up to 30-plus hours.

Fireplace Installation

To ensure that your fireplace upgrade doesn’t become a frustration, it is essential that you entrust installation to trained chimney experts. Experienced professionals like the certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Saver Solutions are often called upon to deal with installations-gone-wrong. When these appliances are installed incorrectly, the following are the types of problems that occur:

The wall near the appliance gets hot.

Once lit, the fire in the fireplace won’t stay lit.

Smoke fills the house whenever the fireplace is used.

Contact Chimney Saver Solutions for your Fireplace Upgrade

When you are ready to purchase a new fireplace or want a fireplace insert, call the trusted experts at Chimney Saver Solutions. A fireplace upgrade is something to be excited about but the thrill is quickly gone when installation is faulty. Our technicians do the job right the first time. Call us today to schedule a fireplace upgrade that will leave you with no regrets.

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