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Why you need a chimney cap

If you’re looking to protect your chimney, there is no better or cheaper way than by investing in a quality chimney cap. While all chimneys should be topped with a cap, chimney caps vary widely in quality, function and aesthetics, and even the best chimney caps can corrode or become damaged or dislodged over time.

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How a chimney cap protects your chimney

Your chimney cap is your best defense against water damage to your flue and fireplace. A chimney cap prevents water from running down the inner walls of your flue. If you have a tile chimney liner, that helps to prevent the crumbling and spalling of chimney tiles. It also prevents your damper, firebox and fire doors from rust. In fact, a chimney cap is so crucial for protecting your chimney from water damage that the Chimney Safety Institute of America promotes chimney caps as the cheapest and best way to spare your chimney from water damage. Chimney caps also help keep bursts of wind from forcing their way down your chimney, causing smoke, ash and embers to blow into your home’s living space.

A quality chimney cap is elevated from the top of your chimney with wire mesh or wire screening. That screening plays and important role in keeping out leaves and debris, animals looking for a warm place to nest and from birds accidentally flying down the flue. The screening also helps to protect your roof from a fire: Without it, burning embers can leap from the chimney and pose a risk.

How to choose a new chimney cap

It is likely time to replace your chimney cap if you notice water finding its way down the inner walls of your fireplace and into your firebox, or you may notice rust running down the outside of your chimney. Your chimney sweep may recommend a new chimney cap during your annual sweeping and inspection if he notices that your existing chimney cap no longer is protecting your chimney. You also may choose to replace your chimney cap if your current chimney cap is unsightly and detracts from the aesthetics of your home.

When shopping for a new chimney cap, you’ll be able to choose models that blend easily into your home’s roofline, or one that adds aesthetic value. Most chimney caps come in stainless steel or copper and have lifetime warranties. There are chimney caps made from less durable metals that come with limited warranties. Chimney caps come in a variety of sizes to fit all chimneys.

If you know you need a new chimney cap, or if you’ve seen some signs that your current chimney cap is failing, call Chimney Saver Solutions! We can inspect your existing chimney cap and advise you on which chimney cap models will suit your chimney. We can get your new chimney installed securely so you know your chimney is safe from water damage, debris, animals, wind gusts and escaping embers.

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