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How to Prevent Rusting On or Around Your Chimney

Rust stains on chimneys are unsightly but not uncommon. Many homeowners contact trusted chimney sweeps asking how to prevent rusting on or around your chimney. In Richmond VA and the surrounding area, the certified experts at Chimney Saver Solutions are the ones widely known for providing reliable professional chimney services. As a full-service chimney company, we can quickly get to the heart of the issue of preventing rusting on and around your chimney.

Rusted Chimney Chase Cover in Ashland VAWhat Causes Rusting on and Around Chimneys?

On the chimney exterior, two major components can cause rusting, those being the chimney cap and chimney flashing. Aluminum is a common material used for both chimney caps and flashing, though the metal is prone to rust. Going without either of these essentials is not an option, even though chimney caps are considered accessories. The chimney cap provides several important benefits. It keeps rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other types of precipitation from going directly into your chimney system. Keeping moisture out is a vital issue because it has a destructive effect on all chimney components. Chimney flashing is installed at the same time chimneys are built, and it protects the roof and chimney from damage caused by moisture intrusion.

To prevent rusting on or around your chimney, you can choose both a chimney cap and chimney flashing made with either stainless steel or copper. Stainless steel is rust-resistant. Copper, the most expensive material for chimney caps and flashing, is a rust-free material.

Common Signs of Rusting

Different types of staining can occur on chimneys, but rusting can be recognized by its red or orange shades of discoloration. You could see rusting on the exterior or interior of your chimney, as follows.

• Chimney stack. If you see unsightly streaks of orange or red that start at the top of your chimney and trail down the sides, rusting is likely caused by the chimney cap or the chimney chase cover. Repair is needed without delay. Rust is a sign that deterioration has occurred and the protective covering may no longer keep moisture out of your chimney system as designed.

• Rooftop. The metal flashing on your chimney serves to provide a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney. When chimney leaks occur, deteriorating chimney flashing is often the cause. Besides seeing water stains on the ceiling and walls around your fireplace, unseen roof damage is a real possibility as a result of flashing damage. It may be difficult to spot rust on the roof without a bird’s-eye view, such as chimney sweeps have when performing chimney inspections and other chimney services.

• Firebox. If you see rust inside the firebox of your fireplace, you can safely assume that chimney repair is needed. The chimney liner could be damaged; and in that case, the fireplace should not be used again until the liner has been repaired or replaced. Chimney liners protect the home and family from sudden home fires and potential exposure to deadly carbon monoxide. The damper is another component that could be damaged by rust, and damper repair or replacement may be needed.

rusty chimney repairs in Midlothian VAContact Chimney Saver Solutions about Preventing Rusting on your Chimney

In and around Richmond VA, the chimney pros at Chimney Saver Solutions are proven experts. They know how to prevent rusting on or around your chimney. No matter what the chimney issue, we can help. Chimney cap installation, chimney flashing repair and replacement, and the full range of chimney services are available when you contact Chimney Saver Solutions. This includes chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney masonry repair, masonry rebuilds, work on historic chimneys, and much more. Contact us by filling out our convenient online form, or schedule an appointment by calling 804-440-5000 today.

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