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You Should Have a Chimney Cap Installed

Is your chimney missing a cap? Unfortunately, many homes in Richmond and throughout the RVA region don’t have a chimney cap. A chimney cap isn’t just for decorative purposes. While we carry many different aesthetic pleasing styles, a chimney cap is a vital accessory for protecting the flue, reducing health and safety risks, and minimizing chimney repairs. Here are six more great reasons you should have a chimney cap installed.

moisture intrusion in chimney flue, short pump vaAvoid Moisture Intrusion

One of the most significant benefits of having a chimney cap installed is it protects the flue from moisture intrusion. Without a chimney cap, rain and snow will leak into the fireplace. The rain’s acidity is corrosive, which acerbates the gas residues in the chimney and accelerates the deterioration of the masonry, damper, and firebox. Moisture can also cause the bricks to spall and damage the flue liner, increasing fire risk and exposure to harmful contaminants, including carbon monoxide. It also creates the conditions for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow in the chimney that can make its way into your home.

Protect the Chimney Crown

The chimney cap also helps protect the chimney crown from water damage. The chimney crown is the cement surface that tops the entire masonry structure. Its sloped design helps deflect water away from the chimney. However, if you have an uncapped chimney, severe weather like rain, snow, and hail can cause cracks to develop in the cement surface. When this occurs, water will leak inside the chimney, which can cause significant damage to the interior masonry walls, flue liner, and other components.

Keep Wildlife and Pests Out

Chimneys are an attractive hangout for surrounding wildlife like small birds, bats, and squirrels, that live in the community. They build nests, bring food, and can literally make a mess inside the chimney. Sometimes wildlife gets stuck and perishes inside the chimney. These critters attract pests and rodents that can also enter your home. In addition, the foul odors in the chimney can permeate throughout your home. Installing a chimney cap with a wire mesh screen will help keep wildlife and pests out of the chimney.

Prevent Flue Obstructions

A chimney cap is also essential for preventing leaves, twigs, and debris from obstructing the flue. Flue obstructions are dangerous because when the smoke and toxic fumes can’t be expelled through the flue vent, the draft will suddenly reverse, forcing smoke, soot, carbon monoxide, and other harmful contaminants out of the fireplace into your living area. It reduces your indoor air quality and can be hazardous to your health. Also, pets or other individuals that happen to be near the fireplace could be burned by hot debris. Plus, you will have difficulty cleaning the soot that will cover nearby flooring, furnishings, and decor.

Reduce Downdrafts

A sudden gust of wind can cause a downdraft at any time, even on warm sunny days. In addition to making your home feel drafty, a downdraft is like a backdraft that occurs when the flue is obstructed. A burst of wind over an uncapped flue will push dirt, soot, and debris from inside the chimney into your living space. Installing a chimney cap will help minimize downdrafts avoiding the adverse effects and messy cleanup.

Stop Sparks

Having a chimney cap installed with a spark arrestor will help protect your roof. It prevents hot embers and sparks flying around the chimney from landing on the rooftop and potentially causing a fire.

full-width chimney caps, mechanicsville vaWhen installing a chimney cap, it’s critical to ensure that you choose the correct size to fit your chimney. Professional installation is recommended as improper installation can lead to premature failure and chimney damage. Chimney Saver Solutions provides expert chimney cap installation in Lorraine, Henrico, and throughout the Greater RVA area. We also offer complete chimney inspection and repair services.

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